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A Life Spiritually Guided by Faith, Daisies, and Sky-Blue Pink is the autobiography of K. L. Nelson, a young girl raised on Christian faith and values that molded her into the woman she is today and guided her through life's challenges in marriage, motherhood, and her most recent loss. As a young girl, K. L. Nelson was and continues to be spiritually inspired by her maternal grandmothers and has been blessed to be chosen to feel the spirits around her and to be given their messages for her own life and for others. As a young woman of fifteen, she found the love of her life; and together, they began a journey of growing up, fighting their own personal battles, and the many challenges life would bring their way. Through the strength of their love for each other, faith, and spiritual guidance, they would make it through them all until one fateful day when she would find herself enduring the greatest heartache she could ever imagine -KL Nelson (Click on the image to the left to order your book today!) (Once you arrive at the new screen click on any store title to order) Also available at

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 After the heart-wrenching loss of her husband, K. L. Nelson has spent the last three years soul-searching for who she is without him and what her destination will be now that she is on her own. K. L. Nelson shares a compelling story of how her view of the world around her has changed so dramatically after such an immense loss in her life and how she is challenging herself to find new perspective on life as a whole and the life she will lead now.

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With an open mind, a warm heart, and a life with God at the center, you will find a perspective and freelance opinion writing that carries, through life, the spirit of KristaBell.


Based on an affectionate childhood nickname, given to recently published Author KL Nelson by her maternal grandmother, KristaBell's Ponders and Possibilities serves as   platform for inspiring others to think outside of the box that we continue to build around ourselves every day.

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