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The Strength of a Woman

I Corinthians 11:12

For as the woman is of the man, even so is the man also by the woman, but all things of God.

As our world endures a time of fighting for racial rights and civil humanity, we as women took a moment to celebrate the passing of the Nineteenth amendment 100 years ago in the United States of America as part of the United States Constitution which prohibited the states and the federal government from denying the right to vote to citizens of the United States of America on the basis of sex. This becoming the beginning of women proving their strength in this world and their right to equality with men.

I am a strong woman in my beliefs, and I will not waver in those beliefs, but will fight with passion, love, and devotion for what I believe in. I am a strong woman as a mother and no human being in this world can get passed me in the protection of my children and no love can be stronger than mine for my children. I am a strong woman as a wife and no one person can win against my defense of my husband and no woman could hold more love for the love of my life or be more devoted to our marriage. I am a strong career woman and my commitment to my profession and my work ethic is immense because I love what I do, and I am passionate about the care of my patients.

I am not weak as woman because my physical strength is less than a man, I am not weak as a woman because I can not fill every position a man can hold nor would I want to hold every position a man can hold. I am not weak as a woman because I am good with my husband being the head of my household. I am not weak as a woman for communicating with my husband and sharing our financial gains and debt as one. I am not weak as a woman for admitting when I am wrong or for allowing my husband to critique or question me for my choices or bad decisions.

My strength does not come from the choice to decide what is right for my body. My strength comes from choosing not to murder my innocent child, simply because I am not ready to be responsible or because I believe it to be my right. My strength comes from choosing to make the choice to accept the gift the good Lord has bestowed upon me and have faith that he will see me through all trials and tribulations and guide me in the path to accept the beautiful gift of life and do my best through the Lord who strengthens me to care for and raise this child in to a smart, respectful, confident and humble human being.

You see as woman, we do not need to meet the same equalities as men, we do not need to prove that we are capable of doing whatever they can do, lift whatever they can lift or live without them because we are strong enough to do so.

We as woman need only to show what a strong woman we can be. We need to be strong daughters, strong mothers, strong wives, strong career woman, strong women of faith. You see, these are strengths no man could live up to and he would not bother to try.

So why do we feel so beholden to such need to prove ourselves as equal? Yes, we should be paid for our work equally, if we are working just as hard and with just as much ethic and yes, we should be partners with our spouses not seen as beneath them or treated as such. Yes, we may very well be capable of carrying the same positions in our workforce.

Take note ladies when you start to demean your men and take away their ability to have pride as men and to be able to carry themselves as strong men with a purpose as a father, a husband and a human being , you quite simply destroy the very nature of the family unit and the much needed piece of that unit for our children that provides our young men a figure that aides our young sons in learning to be strong men themselves and provides our young woman with the comfort of daddies love and the strength of his protection.

Can a woman be both and still raise great children? Of course, she can, but does she need to just to prove a point? Are there men out there who are worthless and incapable of doing their part? Yes, and in these moments, we can be the strong woman we so proudly strive to be and take on the task and responsibility of shining brightly as a strong mom , a strong career woman and strong of woman of faith and brave through the storm and raise amazing children in a well structured home filled with love, respect, discipline and faith.

I am a strong woman, strong in my convictions, strong in my love, strong in my faith, strong in my motherhood, in my career and in my marriage.

I am proud of the woman I am, the mother I am , the daughter I am, the wife I am, the professional I am, and the servant to the Lord that I am and I know that I am living to my full potential and that I need not prove myself to anyone more than to myself and my Lord. I know that if I am content and happy with my success and my life that I have done well, and I have pleased me and through all my blessings I am justified.

I need not be so misdirected as to believe that I only need me to succeed, that I should measure myself to the equality of a man. I need only to have faith and belief in myself as woman to know that I can be the best woman I can be and that my strength comes through me, my faith, my children, my marriage, my character, and my work ethic. Through all of these do I find my power as a STRONG WOMAN!

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