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It’s Time to Wake Up People!!

What happen to the world we once knew? When did we become such a weak people that we allowed a government to tear down our lives and change the right for our children to be children, to enjoy growing up and living every bit of the lives we all lived when we were kids? Why are we letting this happen to us?

Do you remember being a kid? Do you remember the environment we lived in? Do you ever remember a shooting at school? Was there a time when we were put on virtual school over a fear of a virus? Why are we allowing our children’s childhood to be taken from them? What are we so damn afraid of? A fever? A cough?

We are destroying our children with all of our own fears and the fears the government is instilling in us. We are taking away our children’s right to be children and enjoy their childhood. We are taking away all of the fun of school, the sports, the dances, the social events and we are creating confused, scared, angry children who have no idea what it is like to play outside, to enjoy nature, to have a neighborhood full of kids running around playing games and just having fun with not a single worry on their minds.

We are force feeding them with video games and cell phones, the internet, and politics, not just from our TV’s but from their own teachers who are supposed to be educating them on what our history really was not what their opinion of it was. It is never the teacher’s job to tell your child that we are a racist nation and how we need to learn racial equality. There is no race that doesn’t have the same freedom as another in this country. All of this political garbage is just that, garbage!

All of this talk is the governments scare tactics to gain control of our society and turn us into another controlled country, like north Korea, China, and Russia. Is that what you want? Are you prepared for that? Our government is trying to turn us against each other, it makes their job easier if we kill each other, then they don’t have to use weapons likes viruses and supposed life saving vaccines that are really meant to decrease the population by shortening your life and preventing you from having children. No, they have the dimwitted people in this nation killing each other over the information they feed them. Its like rumors, they are not true and the more they spread the worse they get, and someone gets hurt over something that was never true in the first place. The information was just put out there to get people angry at each other and hating each other so someone else could win. ARE YOU GETTING THIS YET??

PEOPLE WE ARE DESTROYING ARE CHILDREN AND EACH OTHER AND OVER WHAT??? A Virus? A line of verbiage we took from the news or the internet?

We are seeing children become weapons, they are so mentally lost that they are willing to enter their own schools and shoot their classmates. And why? Because we are so busy worrying about our own selves that we have lost focus on what really matters. Our children need to be children, they need to socialize and play and laugh, they need to participate in social activities, like sports and band, dances, and graduations. When did taking away any of this become ok????

According to the CDC, we lost over 100,000 people from the start of Covid, until now, from drug overdose, but you don’t hear about that on the news. You don’t hear our politicians fighting against that. We are destroying our own lives and our own people because we are allowing the government to scare us into control and into taking away our freedoms and our rights as Americans and as human beings. We are forcing our children to grow up way to soon. We are dressing are daughters like grown woman because we think its cute or some sick reason you need to live through them and where is that getting you, your children are being sex trafficked and raped and killed. Our babies are running away from us and being murdered by their boyfriends because they are rebelling against our lack of nurturing and loving and are insane need to work ourselves to the bone so we can make one more dollar. And for what?? Another TV? A video game system? A cell phone? A hi-tech computer or watch?

The greed and stupidity in our nation has become ridiculous and we sit here with our caring souls and say how sorry we our for these families that are losing their children and yet WE DO NOTHING ABOUT IT!! We scream about hating the masks and not agreeing with the mandate on this absurd vaccine that doesn’t work and STILL WE DO NOTHING ABOUT IT! We see family members and beautiful young people dying from drugs like Fentanyl and as we cry over the losses, we spout ridiculous cheers to keep the walls from being built and let outsiders in and drug lords continue shipping the drugs in. The outsiders who are unvaccinated and getting free money and homes while our very own are homeless. The wall that would prevent the drug and sex trafficking from occurring, but you want to be so virtuous to other countries because you believe our country to be greedy and selfish.

Well look what this mentality is getting you, we are destroying our children, we are embedding their minds with fear and hate. We are sitting on our high horses and spouting virtue while we have lost our own morals and let our own spines dissipate while we let a government run our lives and take us all down.

How much of our lives do you want to hand over to others? When will you believe that we have given enough? When will you stop making our children create safe zones because you have taken away their ability to have a spine and the ability to fight for themselves? When will you have had enough??

God created us all equal in his eyes and he wants us to love one another, and he has already told us, “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. John 14:6

So, when we will stop following the words of the government and start heeding the words of the Lord our Savior?

When will we decide to start letting our children be children? When will we go back to teaching them to defend themselves and letting them handle their own battles again, so they can learn to stand up for themselves and not to live in fear all of their lives?

When will we stop corrupting their minds with anger, hate and fear? When will we bring back love, happiness, and laughter, socializing with each other personally and not virtually?

I say we start now; I say we fight back now; I say we stop what we are doing, take a really good look at the world around us and remember being a child ourselves. Look at what the lord has already provided you and slow life down a bit and enjoy it. Take a look at what you are neglecting and what is happening around you. Do you like it? Are you truly happy with your life and the way you are living it?

If you are not interested in fighting for you then at least fight for your children and their children. If you can’t live life without having your children baby sat by video games, tablets, and cell phones, then don’t have children. Our children deserve so much better folks. ITS TIME TO TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY AND OUR LIVES , ITS TIME TO STAND UP FOR OUR CHILDREN, ITS TIME TO WAKE UP AND FIGHT BACK!!

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