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Where is the World We Once Knew?

What happened to the world we grew up in as children? When did the way we remember the world change into something so unrecognizable? At what point did we decide that we should all cater to the sensitivity and whining of others to the level that we are changing ourselves into someone we do not know or respect? When did we stop standing up and start crouching down into the fetal position begging people to forgive us for having a thought or an opinion? When did we give up on ourselves, and on the world, we knew and loved?

You see some of us remember a world of happiness, a world where you may not have liked someone’s opinion, but you did not have to, and you could have cared less if they were ok with that and truth be told they really did not care if you accepted their opinion either. We did not live-in bubbles of hurt feelings and shameful misery. We lived in the ease of going about our lives as we seen fit and not how others told us to.

We live in America, where we are supposed to have freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of expression. We are rapidly watching these freedoms being ripped away from us while we just sit idly by accepting it. We are playing the adult version of mother may I and there are no winners.

So, isn’t it about time we step up and hold our heads high and say, “NO MORE PANSY ASS BULLSHIT” We are not going to play Simon Says anymore? NO, I will not wear a mask, NO, I will not accept men going into the women’s bathroom or playing girls sports, NO, I will not stop being who I am. I will always be respectful of others, but I will not change myself into a scared, sniveling, shell of a person just because someone feels offended by my right to have my own opinion or feelings towards a topic or because someone feels the need to whine that they are owed something greater than I myself get out of life just because they believe it to be so and the government wants to cow toe to them to earn their damn vote!

I will continue to call my children, my sons and will continue to read Dr. Seuss, and will continue to praise the Lord Jesus Christ, and say Merry Christmas. I will not be force fed what I should feel or believe, what I should think or say. I will live my life my way. I will not question your way of living and you do not question mine.

The good lord made me unique and not in the likeness of any other and he does not make mistakes so who am I to question his work, and who are you to decide what is right for my God given life. I live in America because it is free and if this is to change, I would sooner leave than be forced to be someone I am not or live in a way that makes me feel less than myself.

We are better than this, we are stronger than this and we are smarter than this. It is time we stand up and tell the leaders in this country and the sniveling whiners wearing safety pins to signify they are too weak to handle criticism, we are not here to be your voodoo pin cushion. If you do not like what someone thinks of you or your opinions, ignore them or tell them to kiss your ass, and move the hell on.

I was made fun of, teased, and bullied, I was spanked and smacked across the face and guess what I grew up to be just fine, matter of fact I have more respect in one pinky than most millennials have in their whole spoiled bodies. Moms and dads stop coddling your children and let’s get back to being in control of our children and raising them with discipline and teaching them respect.

What kind of world are we going to end up living in, if the children we are raising are all weak spineless, safety babies? Come on people, this time out, no bullying, lets talk this out crap is turning our world into a disgusting mess.

It is time to make a change for once in our lives, make a difference and make the world right again!!

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