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So Quick to Accuse, Yet So Ready to Deny Our Own Hand in this Game

Where is the wise? where is the scribe? where is the disputer of this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?

When did we become the wise, that we could choose who is to blame and who should be condemned? Lest we so quickly forget that our own hands played a large part in the falling of our nation.

So, when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her

While we all watch the extreme changes taking place in our world today, we jumped to throw around accusation towards one side or the other for who is to blame for the falling of our nation, we never stopped to realize that we too have had a heavy hand in the crumbling of our societies and our people as a whole.

Yes, all of us hold responsibilities for what is occurring today and the way that all things are playing out in our country and for all of us as Americans. We all stood at the polls and placed our votes, but this is not the only way we played a part, we allowed ourselves to be used as pawns in the evil doers’ games and we followed their lead and fell into their trap and turned against each other. We have been so busy screaming irrational, hurtful things at each other for the purpose of standing for our political choices and protecting our own pride that we have completely lost our way and forgotten the golden rule, “love one another” and to “Stand United” for ‘Our Country”, in doing so we can never be defeated. It is our duty as Americans to stand strong and proud and to fight back for our country as we remember it and as we once loved it.

We must remember we pay these politicians to run our country and WE CAN FIRE THEM. If we continue to vote these corrupt, misguided beings into office than we can only blame ourselves for the destruction that ensues upon us all.

It is time for us to come together and remember, WE THE PEOPLE, control this government and WE THE PEOPLE can stop this government if we stop wasting time griping at each other and attacking each other and show these horrible politicians that we will not be herd like cattle to the slaughtering of our own lives.

We must set aside our greed and our belief that any party has our best interest in mind and start seeing what is directly in front of our eyes. Our country is a mess and the times in life we so fondly remember are no more. Are you ready to stop calling your dad your dad and start calling him your parent? Or your daughter your child? Are you prepared, for those who believe in our blessed lord, to start saying Amen and AWomen? (Even spell check disapproves.) I for one, will never be willing to submit to this.

Come on people, are you so willing to watch millions of babies be killed for the sake of screaming your body your right? Are you so willing to see the end of term limits and the destruction of jobs to supposedly save the climate of our nation? Are you ready to fill the linings of the pockets of these people in office to watch them destroy our way of life and watch us all bow to their orders? I for one believe we have done this enough.

It is time to love each other, the greatest enemy to all of this destruction is for all of us to come together and find common ground with each other and care for each other and appreciate each other again and do away with all this politically correct, safe zone B.S. No more wining and moaning over your sensitive asses, time to fight back and stand strong and be strong. This is our country, and we need to own it and find love in it again or we will soon be owned by it. May God Bless us All.

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