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Cynicism or Optimism?

Our world today is filled with Cynicism, hatred, opposing views that are being forcefully cast at each other with an expectation that you will accept these beliefs or be castrated from society. People scowling and snarling at each other spewing volatile words toward one another and looking down on each other for not falling into line with the newest force fed lies being preached to us all. Yet, there is a space out there that is enriched with Optimism and the opening is there for us all to step in and fill ourselves with joy, a sense of appreciation for what surrounds us every day, the beauty that the lord has provided us and a sense of pride for who we are and what we have achieved and can achieve together.

Here is the most interesting and incredible part of all of this, you can choose which space you want to be a part of. Do you remember the old saying, “if your friend jumps off the bridge are you going to jump to?” The reality is you don’t have to jump. You live in a world and a country that affords you the right to choose to make your own decision, go your own way. So, why would you choose a direction filled with anger, hatred, hostility, cynicism, and volatile behavior?

Who wants to be a part of a world like that? If you learn to believe that the lord is beside you and will never let you fall, you have no reason to feel anything but hope, love, happiness, joy, and thankfulness for the life you have been given.

Your life may be a life filled with struggles, pitfalls, pain, and turmoil, but somewhere in there you have felt the warmth of the sunshine on your face, you have tasted the sweetness of an amazing kiss or felt the fullness of an incredible embrace, you have reaped the rewards of a successful day or just found the enjoyment in a perfect moment. You have felt your chest bursting because your heart grew three sizes at the first view of your newborn child. You have looked into the face of someone you could never imagine your life without and felt the most unmeasurable love.

You see folks, there is never anything so bad in life that you can’t find the positive laced within the tough times. Life is not easy; it is never going to be, and no amount of money or success is going to change that. Yes, it could always make things a little better, but it will never be what truly fills you with happiness and that sense of peaceful perfection we all dream of.

The world is always going to have cynicism in it, it’s the devil’s way of revenge towards the lord, it is his battle, not yours. You do not have to be a part of it. You get one chance at life, why not choose to find every positive and live each day with a smile on your face and a song in your heart? Why do we have to be greedy, selfish, and sinister? Why can’t we be selfless, giving, and appreciative for the amazing gift of life and the beautiful nature and miracles that surround us every day?

Of course, there will always be a challenge and you will have to keep fighting your way, but wouldn’t it be so much easier and feel so much better if we fought with optimism instead of cynicism?

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