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We are all Americans!

Kristie Lynn Nelson

So, we find our nation once again up in arms over a police officer and a criminal and actions of injustice portrayed on a news report video, with only a portion of the video available to view. Hmmm… What do we really know about this gentleman’s actions or his reputation? How much do we know about this officer’s reason for doing what he did? Not Much!

What we know is an 8- minute video of one portion of the act. One video that shows a white police officer kneeling on a black man’s neck for 8 minutes, while this man struggles to breathe and voices such concern. We have no idea why he was thrown to the ground; we never see that part of the video…. So, all that is embedded into our minds is an unjust act by a police officer, oh yea he is white.

A friend of mine posted a point on social media today, trying to state that our president called out people in Minneapolis as thugs, while he called out people protesting carrying arms in Michigan as decent human beings. My friend wanted to portray that all the people trashing Minneapolis were black and all the people protesting with guns in Michigan were white, this is not true and absurd. There were many races in both scenes.

People destroying a city and robbing stores are thugs, no matter their race and people coming together of all race in bonded docile protest for their right to live their lives and survive financially with freedom are decent human beings.

Look people, we as a people see people for how they act. If you do not want to be viewed and treated as criminals, do not take part in criminal acts. People react to what they see everyday on television and in their neighborhoods. Stop killing each other and each other’s children over disagreements stop committing unimaginable crimes and acting like thugs and you will not be viewed as a thug.

Criminals and thugs come in every color and every race, crime occurs in every color and every race and racism is not just found in white people, racism is found in every race, because, the cold hard fact is Racist’s are racist, its not one individual race that hone’s it all.

So, when you are watching this video on the tv, think about this, what was this guy’s crime? Why did he get thrown to the ground in the first place? What is this officer’s background? Maybe he is not racist, maybe he despises criminals of any nature, maybe he is just a jerk all together. What he did was absolutely dispicable and unacceptable but we can't factually pin point it to racism with out the full story and all the true facts. You know what they say about assuming....

My point is dig deeper, stop using the old addage and just instantly point to racism, that card is worn out and shouldn't hold up in our world today. None of us are slave drivers or slaves in this world , We are Americans who have been given the freedom by our fellow American soldiers of all races to choose to carry ourselves as we see fit, So lets act like human beings and carry ourselves with dignity and treat each other as human beings. If you want to be respected Act Respectful! God Bless our Soldiers and God Bless America.

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