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Use your Brain or Lose your Freedom

I am not much on watching the news these days but as with everyone else my phone updates me daily on the latest garbage going on in the world. As a nurse it also alerts me to healthcare industry updates and how they are responding to the ways of the world these days. As I am reviewing all of this as well as my social media pages, I am wondering, when did we all stop using our minds and thinking for ourselves? When did we start letting the media and the government think for us?

I am fairly certain that our forefathers fought for our rights and our freedom, so that we could have our own thoughts and ideas and we could express those ideas and freedoms while standing for our rights without being censored and blocked, jailed, or denied access, so long as we were not breaking any laws or physically harming anyone. WE WERE GIVEN THE FREEDOM TO SPEAK OUR MINDS AND MAKE OUR OWN CHOICES FOR OURSELVES WITHOUT ANY APPLIED FORCE INHIBIITNG OUR RIGHTS. Yet here we are a free people, one nation under God and we are allowing the government to think for us, to instill fear in us in order to get what they want from us. Have any of you googled about the vaccines they are asking you to inject into your bodies? Have you seen that they are not a guaranteed cure, nor do they have the ability to fully protect you from the virus at hand? We have lost way more lives to the flu every year and yet we have never been forced to get the flu vaccine and how many times have they told you that you would need a booster for the flu vaccine? Have you ever heard your doctor explain to you that the flu vaccine is only capable of covering certain strains of the flu and cannot guarantee protection, that it’s all dependent on the strain you acquire? Yet they never offer a booster to cover the additional strains that are not covered in the vaccine that was manufactured for the season. Are you actually taking the time to do your research on the governments message to you about the virus or the newest strain or are you just taking their word for it and following the crowd to the vaccination line?

Are you telling yourself that if we all just get the vaccination, we can all go BACK TO NORMAL LIVING? Folks we can never go back to normal living. It is too late. If you got the vaccine, you will now, need to get booster shots and be retested and FOLLOW GOVERNMENT PROTOCOL FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIVES, unless you choose to stop now and leave it at the first injection, but you have already put the poison into your system. WHAT NOW? Are you ready to turn your freedom over to the government and let them have complete and utter control of your life? I know I’m not!

If I do nothing else with my time on earth, I will at very least make sure that my children know that I fought every step of the way for a better future in this world for them!! I want them to know that I stood strong for their freedoms and their rights, and they meant more to me than my own self. I will make sure that I instill in them the strength to stand strong and stand proud for everything that they believe in and know that through it all God will stand by you and guide and carry you. We are Americans, we pledge allegiance to the flag of The United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands ONE NATION UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE, WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!! Have we forgotten this? I think so, but I will never let my children forget this and I will never let my children be victims of a corrupt government and corrupt people!!

So, you sit on your hands, and you follow the crowd, and you stop fighting to walk in your own direction in this world, turn yourselves into zombies. Wear your masks, huddle in your homes, and take one for the team, you team player you. When all is said and done, I will be walking this planet a free soul amongst a nation of zombies and my children will know I stood my ground and I fought for them and I will be able to let the good lord call me home, knowing I gave it my all, so that my babies could have better and just maybe still live free!!

Are you ready for chow lines, concentration camps and microchips? Are you ready for a cashless society and government-controlled life that rations your lifestyle, your meals, and your time? If you continue to do as the government demands that you do that is just where we all are headed? Do your research folks, google the stories about Australia right now, listen to how they want to take away meat and vegetables and have you eating bugs, I’m not joking, they are teaching that to my son in school right now. Listen to how they want to start depopulating the world so they can hone better control. It is no joke folks, it’s a reality we will soon face if we keep following the crowd!

Walk the other way, find a new direction, grab others, and take them with you, be a hero and a soldier, not a faceless, mindless zombie. If you think this all sounds crazy, then humor me and do your own research, don’t just do what the media and the government scare you into.

Our freedom is slowly being devoured. The social media sites our censoring us, jailing us for speaking our own minds, because it does not fit their narrative, our companies our firing people if they choose not to get vaccinated. When is the last time you heard of that happening? Our government sites that we need to protect our people and our country from this virus and yet they are taking in illegal immigrants who come with illness and unvaccinated themselves. If they were trying to stop the virus, they would close our borders to prevent further risk of infected people from coming in.

It is time to use our brains and the freedoms we still have before it is too late, and we are a communist country with no freedom at all!! When did we stop listening to ourselves and standing for what we believe in , what we choose for us?

As Patrick Henry stated On March 23, 1775, “ GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH”

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