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No Patience for Ignorance, Whining, and Easily Offended

I found myself reading a face book post the other day and I had everything I could do not to respond to any of the rhetoric being shared between the commentators. Of course, the owner of the post was Donald Trump Jr, but that aside, I could care less if you are a fan of his or his fathers, what does bother me is that all these people can seem to muster up is hatred for the spoiled rich kid and his millionaire daddy. Very few had anything intelligent to add to the conversation at hand. This tells me that we are not learning a thing about not making our decisions based on who we like but rather on what the actual substance is that we should be standing for.

I would tell you this, if your level of intelligence is so low that all you have in your repertoire is to sling hateful words and pitiful outbursts of stupidity than perhaps you are not responsible enough to make decisions on behalf of the rest of us. Just maybe we should be taking some type of IQ test before we are approved to vote and put others in harms way with our poor choices.

It truly disgusts me that anyone out there does not understand that nothing comes free to you, those of us that pay taxes and actually work for a living, we provide those government handouts for you. Quite frankly I am fed up with knowing that there are still people out there that vote based on a political party and pay no mind to what that party is actually standing for or they vote just for the sake of making sure that the person they don’t “like” gets in office, again paying no mind to what they are actually standing for and how they actually feel about our country and our freedoms.

People this is not a vote for prom court or homecoming king this is a vote for our livelihoods and to be honest I despise that my happiness and livelihood lies in so many worthless hands. If you cannot truly see that the person in office right now is mentally sick and medically not capable of running the country or making any sound decisions than you yourself cannot be a mentally sound person or you are just plain selfish to your desires to have a democrat in office, no matter what they can manage or who they are. How many handouts did you get this term? Did President Biden make all of your dreams come true? Are you living your best life ever? You are a liar if you say yes.

The democratic party ought to be ashamed of themselves for placing that man in such a position just for their own financial greed and their need for greater power. His wife is a vile person to go along with such antics just to make a name for herself and increase her popularity as a so-called doctor.

I just wonder when the people in this country are going to stop acting like spoiled irresponsible children and quit holding on to their ancestor’s party choices and see that the parties have changed and we can no longer vote based on party, we must vote based on the substance at hand and what a politician is actually standing for.

If your argument or stance is only filled with smart ass retorts or personal attacks based on someone’s personality, looks, level of wealth or pure dislike of them as a person than save your damn breath, because it’s a waste of oxygen and time. On that note, stay your ass home when it is time to vote, my life is worth more than your two cents of ill-informed nonsense and my time is too valuable to wait in line for such a fool to have his or her chance to pick the person with the coolest name or best party affiliation.

With all of this said, I am quite certain the people that should be reading this, will not have the much-needed knowledge to get through such an intelligent source of commentary.

Whatever your choices are, just remember this, do not comment or make statements without thinking it through and never make quick responses out of anger, it only proves how dim witted, ill- informed and ridiculous you really are.

In all honesty I do not give a damn what the news is saying, I do not even watch it, and I could care less about all of the idle threats or banter going on in the government right now, because what I do know is I will always live my best life, because I live it through the lord and he will never make poor choices for me and he will never let me fall no matter how crappy this world turns out to be.

I just hope we can all figure out that life can be so much greater if we all come together and stand for what the truly important matters are in this world. I hope we can all remember that each one of us are living our lives freely and utilizing our free speech and free thought because we live in a free country that all of you are trying to destroy as well as take away those rights and freedoms from all the rest of us because you are either envious of the rich guy or just too damn ignorant to know how to do your research and make proper decisions. meanwhile you have the audacity to comment garbage from your pie holes without thought because you think you have some level of intelligence to offer.

Do yourselves a favor, sit back and enjoy your free perks and let the Adults handle the big decisions. Pay attention while a proper debate of wits and minds is occurring, maybe you will actually learn something. Just please stop making a fool of yourselves and stop being a part of the problem with our country. I am not interested in your whining or sensitive offended BS, I am only concerned with getting our country back on track and living our lives with some dignity, happiness, and financial stability.

You don’t belong in college if you don’t have the backbone to defend yourself without throwing temper tantrums, there are special needs children that act like more of an adult than most college students these days.

We do not need to go and fix other countries when we have work to do on our own. What we need is a leader that is willing to act as leader and not let other countries take advantage of us and will stand for what is best for our country first. If you bleeding hearts can’t handle that, move to another country. You have that right.

Don’t come preaching to me and others about getting a vaccine or wearing a mask unless you have done your thorough research and can without a doubt prove to us that it makes a lick a difference, because at this point if I have to get 4 boosters then none of this garbage is worth a damn. I’ll take my chances and rely on the lord to keep me safe and healthy.

If you want to make an argument on someone’s stance on a subject at hand than make the argument, just don’t respond with some ridiculous ridicule about someone’s lifestyle, looks, speaking techniques or their last name, for crying out loud use your brain and comment on the topic at hand. If you are incapable of that than keep your damn foolish mouth shut.

If all you have is that nonsense to base your opinions and choices on, then you should not be voting because clearly you are a mindless waste of space that will only hurt our country and our people, and we are enduring enough because of people like you. By the way, if you are not part of the community that is working and paying taxes to keep this country alive than you have no right to an opinion. You haven't earned it.

If you want hand outs and a controlled environment than go to Russia or some other communist country, I am sure they will gladly take you in. Oh, maybe not, most countries do not freely open their borders to refugees and illegals.

Let’s have a little pride in our beautiful country and if you can’t do that, then get the hell out!!

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