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Let Us Build the America We Dream of Together

Every single one of us has a picture in our minds of the world we want to see, we all know what we secretly hope life will be like and the kind of world we dream of living in. We all aspire to have a certain lifestyle and hope for a life’s journey that fits the perfect mold we desire. What we are never prepared for is the moments when life fails us and the journey we perceived to fulfill, suddenly changes direction and you never reach that climax of satisfaction you were once striving for.

Our world today, is becoming a world I am quite certain, none of us dreamed of and not one of us could have imagined the evil that our government would stoop to in order to gain control and power over everyone. Here is the thing about our country and the government that is housed in it. We live in a country that is founded on freedom and on a constitution of individual inalienable rights and it seems we have forgotten this and lost our way lately and have allowed politicians to run our lives and run it poorly, while we just nod in stupefied agreement and fear.

This world has taken its shots at me for certain. I can not tell you I am not beaten down just a bit these days, however I can tell you, that I could care less what this government decides to take from me, they can take my guns, they can take my bible, they can take my internet and my voice, they can NEVER take my heart, my mind, and my integrity from me and with those I will carry my faith and my strength. They will never get me to conform to their way of thinking or believe in my heart that their disgusting and despicable ideas are acceptable or the right way to carry on in my lifetime.

I have been through many trials and tribulations in my lifetime, most of which I accepted as challenges and fought my way through and came out stronger in the end with a life I loved and a strength I never thought possible and I am prepared to take on this challenge as well, knowing that I have nothing to lose by fighting back and everything to lose if I allow these corrupt people to play their scare tactics on me and I succumb to their way of thinking and do as I am told. If I fall into the trap of taking sides, instead of choosing America and the love I hold for it, I will forever be hypnotized in the political power world and will have lost my individual thought, independence, and freedom.

The greatest enemy to this government is if all of the people in this beautiful country come together and love one another and stop demanding all of these petty, selfish, pansy needs from each other. We should be accepting one another as we are and learning to endure confrontation to build strength within us and to discipline our children properly to learn the differences from right and wrong, not to be forceful and crude but to build strength and character in our youth, so that they might grow up to be admirable and quality adults in this world.

We need to stop with the safety zones and the political correctness in this world, we should not be cow toeing to any race but loving all races for their individualism and we should never idolize our government officials, that we pay and hire through our hard work and taxes, but we should be demanding better of them or firing their ass’s and sending them on their way for the better of our country and our democracy.

There is no longer a difference between our democratic party and our republican party, instead there is an entirely corrupt government that seeks full power over our lives and the ability to stay in office and claim this power until death do they part. Well, I say we need to stand up and say “NO!” there will be term limits and no government official will ever be allowed to hold office for longer than 2 years outside of the president. No more power struggles. This is our America, this is an America by the people and for the people not for the politically corrupt, power hungry evil beings that have taken over our government.

I have lost many family members in my lifetime, and losing any of them was a difficult process, but most recently I lost my husband of 32 years and the other half that completes me, I believe that the world and its political game played a part in his stress and his anguish with life and had a hand in his demise and I will never let this world or any person or part of it destroy my joy in life AGAIN!! If it is one thing I have learned recently, life is full of the unexpected and too short to not enjoy it to the fullest.

People, it is time to come together, fight together, stand up for one another, shut down the television, tune out the news channels and live our lives by our choices, not by some politician’s suggestion or the media’s lies, but instead be guided by our own happiness, love, peace, and faith in the Lord.

My children, my family, and friends, writing, sky blue, pink sunsets, daisies, and the lord make me happy and make my life complete. I love and respect all who return the love and respect my way and I hold no anguish toward any race or creed. I wish love and all of God’s blessing to all. Find what makes you complete and let us rebuild our country on love and friendship, respect, and God once again.

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