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I am awake and steady in my stance

Kristie Lynn Nelson

Born in a free America, raised to respect my elders and to carry myself with dignity and grace and to have faith in God. I raised my own children to be respectful and to be confident in themselves and to NEVER LET ANYONE STEP ALL OVER THEM or DEGRADE THEM AND TO HAVE FAITH IN GOD.

My faith in God allows me the confidence to know, I can walk in confidence throughout all of this turmoil knowing that no mask or 6 ft distance or government control will determine my destination, only the Lord God himself controls my destination in life. With this being said, I am awake and paying attention to what this party of evil-doers is trying to do to our country and how they are controlling so many with their subtle hints of racism, their distractions of pandemic and rioting and their thought out plans of decreasing our ability for free speech when it doesn’t fit their narrative and honing control of our nation with chips and a cashless society. I have watched their disgusting display of disrespect towards our attorney general and our president and I am in complete dismay that we the people would be so willing to fall into their brainwashing tactics and be part of a society that would allow such pathetic, blatant disrespect and unapologetic discourse for their own agenda’s, means to destroy a president before he has even begun to take office.

I have been fighting since I was in high school government class, over the rights of the unborn life of a child and yet I watch our society agree with killing babies not just while in the womb but even after they are born, giving doctors and woman the right to murder, under the garb of “my body , my right” and I am beyond disheartened and disgusted with anyone that would be ok with this and have the mentality to believe that because this life is in your body , you have a right to kill it. HORRIFIC AND EVIL! I am witness to individuals who have clearly been privileged to live in a country to allow them to be prosperous and live out their dreams as professional athletes, take a knee in claim that they are oppressed as a race. I have heard people in our government and in society utter words of reparations for an historical past that is no longer, for people who have never been slaves themselves and from people who have never owned slaves. I am watching our countries history be torn down, because one race doesn’t approve of a past history, pay no mind to the heroic things these men and women have done in history but just focus on one part of these figures lives , just as they are screaming they are against these same actions towards themselves.

I am seeing people being killed in the streets and businesses being destroyed, including those of black men, women and children’s lives and businesses, while people scream “Black lives matter.”

PEOPLE, I AM AWAKE and I can clearly see without a shadow of a doubt that democrats and even some republicans in our government our using we the people as pawns in a game to gain control of our country and turn us into another socialist country, controlled through chips and credit cards on what we purchase , how we eat and how much we earn. If you are not seeing this, you are clearly blind. If you do not believe me, wait until the election is over and see how quickly the Coronavirus stops being discussed. I am not discrediting that coronavirus is real but that of the insanity over it. If Biden gets elected see how quickly they start incorporating chips and stopping cash payments all together. Suddenly your prosperity and mine will become extinct. All your hard work and mine to have a degree and strive for better in life, will mean nothing.

Is this the world you want your children to grow up in and be a part of when your life is no longer present? Are we so absent minded as to let criminals in office control our minds and pin us against each other? I hold no hate or disdain for any race, I believe we are all free to choose our destinations and the life we live, and I believe in the good of all people. I do not see color, I see heart and faces, personalities, and actions. I may not have chosen for Obama to be my president, but I did not discredit him the minute he was in office and degrade him and is family. Would any of you like it if people immediately seen the worst in you before they even gave you the chance to prove yourself? Planned your downfall from day one, not giving you a moments chance? Of course, you would not. We need to stop allowing the destruction of our country and of our freedom and stop the disgraceful acts towards each other. Believe me, the evil -doers love seeing us all fall apart and fight against each other and destroy each other’s lives. PLEASE PEOPLE, JOIN ME AND WAKE UP FROM THIS NIGHTMARE AND LETS ALL STAND TOGETHER AS ONE NATION UNDER GOD, AS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND AS WE THE PEOPLE. May God Bless you all and find you well.

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