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Your loved ones live on in You

Holding on to the belief that a loved one is here in spirit is an act of love and need in a time of grief. Its not the idea that you can speak directly to your loved one but that you can speak to God and his angels and profess your thoughts that they would share these words with the ones you love. Your loved one who has passed cannot verbally speak to you either, but through the Angels of the Lord, they can provide you signs that they are always with you. They are not truly dead but instead their ashes have been left behind and their spirit taken to heaven so that they may live alongside the lord always.

John 11:25 - Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.

I know I write a lot about grieving, but grieving is a tough thing to get past. I am not sure you ever fully stop grieving. For me the holidays of winter seem to be the hardest and today it seems even harder.

Today I signed off my husband’s name from the deed of our home and the act of doing so made me feel as if I had lost him all over again. The steps it takes to go on and continue living your life are not as simple as just choosing to step away from the pain and start over, no, every act of removing that person’s name from all of the accounts and items you once owned together throughout your life, every part of them you get rid of , every piece of clothing or item that belong to them that you remove , seems to rip open the wound and your heart bleeds all over again.

Someone recently stated that if we choose to believe that the spirits of our loved ones surround us and that we can connect with them, we are participating in the act of the devil, rather harsh words to spew toward people who are hurting to the core of their own souls.

It’s the reality to this belief that we need to look into a bit further and realize that the spirit of your loved ones, while not visible and not noticeable to the ear are with you always. They are with you in your thoughts, in the memories you share together, for some in the children you created together and the home you built with each other. For moms and dads who lost a child, they are still the feeling in you arms of holding them and the laughter you still here or the crying that still pulls at your heart strings. For all of us, It’s the smells that remind you of them, the songs that trigger a memory and the feelings within you that will always be a part of you, because your loved ones were a part of you.

You see, God does not want you to seek wizardry and cult like sentiments to find your answers to the connections between you and your loved ones but rather to seek him and ask of him to speak for you and to allow you to feel that your loved one is there. Our loved one’s spirits are alive and dancing on the precious paths of paradise. They are at peace and have found their eternal happiness and they can’t wait for us to someday find ours.

So, hold onto to the comfort that your loved one is around you always and that they can hear you because, the good lord passes those sentiments on to them, and they will show you signs that they are there because the angels of the lord surround you and provide those moments to you.

I never stop talking to my husband or my grandmothers and the fact is whether I can see them or hear them or have any proof that they are there, I know that they are always in my mind and my heart and for that reason alone, I know that they can hear me, and I can feel them.

Don’t let others take the comfort from you that gets you through your process and know that no matter what they believe or how they feel about your choices, they are not you and they are not what is going to help you to go on and find your peace with the loss you have endured.

Your loved ones are with you and they will always be with you, because your heart will never truly let them go.

May God comfort you and bless you always

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