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You Were Always Meant to be Mine 

Your first love is always a treasured piece of you that takes you back to a younger version of what you first believed love was supposed to be. That moment when you first lay eyes on that someone that makes your heartbeat so fast and you just feel with every fiber of your being that they are the one, your forever love. I met mine when I was fifteen years old, but it was at eighteen years old when I first realized that perhaps there just might be more than one.

I believe everyone has a different life story and a unique path to follow. The Lord is the only one who truly knows the story that you are meant to live out. I knew at fifteen years old that the young boy who sent me over the moon was the man that I was meant to love and to begin my life’s journey with, I could have never guessed that my path would change directions halfway through, even so, there will always be a part of me that belongs to him.

At eighteen years old I met a young man at my then boyfriends company event that captured my attention from across the room. I noticed him glance my way more than once amidst a conversation he was carrying with another party in the room. When I looked his way, his eyes seem to capture me and something within me made me feel as if this man held a piece of my soul and would somehow always be a part of my life story.


I know on that day the Lord’s angels were whispering to me that I mustn’t forget that moment in time and throughout my life’s journey there has always been this piece of me that knew there was something special about this man that always seemed to warm my heart every time I seen him. I know now that this man is the loving soul that was meant to pick up the pieces of my broken heart and make it whole again. He is the final piece that completes me and will be the one that completes my life’s journey with me. God is good, and I am forever grateful for the life he has given me and for the path he has planned for me.


I tell this man every day how blessed I am to have always had him in my life and to now be able to share the rest of my life with him. I express to him how grateful I am to have someone who fits me so well and who’s soul connects with mine so perfectly that it almost seems as if our souls were meant to come together, as if we were both half of one immensely beautiful soul waiting to be whole.

With out giving it another thought, each time I tell him how special he is and how perfect he has made my life, he reaches down, takes my hands in his and says “Sweetheart, you were always meant to be mine.”

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