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All that Surrounds You

I am the sunshine that graces your face, I am the moments that enter you mind, I am the little bird that comes to replace the loved ones you lost throughout time.

I am the warmth of a summers breeze, I am the anger that consumes you, I am the heartache that brings you to your knees.

I am the time that goes by so fast, I am memories that remind you of your past, I am the hope that fills your soul, I am the reminder that you’re growing old.

 I am the thrill of excitement you feel all the way to your toes, I am the anguish that creates your woes. I am the smile that comes from within, I am the tears that must be let go, I am the darkness that makes you sin.

I am the laughter that bursts from your chest, I am the exhaustion that insists that you rest. I am the mind that drives you to do what you do, I am what makes you, you. The piece that makes you feel joy when someone says I love you and makes you feel pain when someone says goodbye. The one living organ that guides you from the start, the one that keeps you living, that dies when you die. I am your heart.

Make no mistake all these things that surround you whether they fill you with life or they break you with strife, there is one perfect answer that gave you this life.

He is the one that designed you, chose your spirit to be born as a human on this earth where we are, because he believed that we could find faith in him and with that we can always succeed. For me I am grateful for that one night in Bethlehem and that glorious shining star. I know through all of the magical moments, the love, the struggles, and the strife, I will forever be thankful that God chose to give me life.


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