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The life of a Mother 

From the moment you feel that first kick your heart is forever changed. After that first look at that beautiful miracle you created, you are never again the person you once were, but instead you are forever that babies momma and they are for the rest of your life and theirs, your baby.

“A mother’s job is never done”, there has never been a truer statement. From the moment of conception, we are making sure that everything we do is done with our babies best interest in mind and those actions never cease. We continue from that day forward, making sure that every thought we have and every action we take is made with consideration to how it will affect our child.

Suddenly this beautiful miracle of life is born, and we find ourselves holding the most precious piece of our lives in our arms and there is nothing in this world that will ever get past us and harm this priceless gift we have been given.

We are instantly nurturers, doctors, nutritionists, coaches, bouncers, bodyguards, and the comforting arms they can always crawl into that will hold them and wipe away their tears, We are the one source that will always do our best to love away their pain or heartache without any questions asked. We are the transport to every school event, every doctor and dentist appointment, every friend’s house, and every sporting event. We are the first person they learn to drive with, we are the first teacher they encounter, we are their first love and the first place they run to when they are hurting or need help. We are their greatest cheerleader and ally, but we are also their first no, the first person to discipline them and the first person they will learn to be angry with.

Our hearts are never more broken than the first time our child tells us they hate us, and they want to run away from home. There is no one on this earth that can destroy a mother more than her own children with their hurtful words, but there is no one else in this world that can make us beam brighter, cry harder, defend stronger or love deeper than our babies. Our pride for our children is without measure because our babies our truly our greatest treasure.

Mommies kiss boo boos, mommies dry tears, mommies hold hands, give hugs, and chase away fears. Moms stand behind you while you learn to walk and they teach you how to talk, say your ABC’s, count 123, read your first book, and sing your first song. They inspire you to make the world your oyster, to believe in yourself, that you can achieve anything that you put your mind to as long as you work hard, they instill in you to be confident and strong.

Mothers love their children more than they love themselves. A Mother feels every pain, heartache, and disappointment their children feel, and they stand beside their children like a wall of steel. There is nothing greater than a mother’s love and it will never go away, even when she has left this earth, grown her wings, and made her way through heavens door, her love will continue on as she watches over you from above until the day when you make your way to heaven’s gate and take her hand once more.


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