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Which Direction Are You Headed?

It’s a strange thing, the waves seem to look like they all flow in the same direction and make the same pattern of ripples along the streaming of the body of water they share, yet every wave and every ripple is not the same and each and every one flow in their own individual pattern. If you looked amongst the flow of traffic on your morning commute, it would seem that everyone is moving in the same direction, but the truth is that most everyone on that road will not be arriving at the same destination or even continue on the same route, but instead each one will choose their own unique path and pattern to reach their previously decided point of interest.

We as a people, we say things like, “he is just like his father”, or “she looks just like her mother”. The reality is that they may hold physical characteristics and even personality traits of their parents, but they are their own individual human being.

Your son may have your husband’s eyes and maybe even his smile, he may have a short fuse just like you, but he will always be who he chooses to be, beyond the person that his mother and father are.

We as a society may all be heading somewhere at the same time of the day but, it does not mean that we all are heading to a job. If you look around the crowd that surrounds you on the road you are traveling, everyone seems to be focused to get somewhere, but we can never know just what is going on in each person’s life at that very moment, or what kind of life they have endured up until this point. You may be headed to work, the guy beside you may be headed to a funeral for a loved one and the woman behind you may be headed to a shelter after being abused all night by someone she believed loved her.

When you arrive at your planned destination, do you look around and people watch? Do you look over at the guy with the disgruntled look on his face and think, what a jerk? Do you look over at the woman struggling with two children and say to yourself, she really needs to get control of those kids? How could you know that the guy you assumed was a jerk by the look on his face, was holding that face because he hadn’t slept in the last 48 hours because he worked a double shift for the last two days, or that the woman you believed to be a weak mom with no control of her babies, is actually a single mom, who works nights and is trying to run her errands during the day to make sure all of her bills get paid to keep the lights and water on for her children.

My point is this, we all may be headed in the same direction, but we all hold a different purpose in this life and each one of us holds a different pattern of genetics, behaviors, goals, and ethics. Each one of us is going through our own trials and tribulations in this life. Your son may look like his father, but he will never be the exact same person as his father. Your daughter may smile like her mother, but she will be forever smiling for different reasons than her mother and her smile will be presented based on her personality and her personal emotions. Her reaction to a bad day will be different than yours and the way she loves may be similar, but she will find her own way of accepting love in return.

Each one of us, must remember that the toughest critic we have is the one in the mirror. The biggest challenge we will endure is the one we give to ourselves. The greatest pain is caused by our own acceptance of it. We are our strongest warrior and the center of the puzzle piece that completes the desired picture of the life we are working for.

We are all on our own path designed by God to reach the destination he has chosen for us. Along the way we are fighting through our own individual struggles and trudging through our own turmoil that through our own personal choices we have created for ourselves. So, you may have his smile, you may look in the mirror and see his face in some fashion, but you must remember you decide where you will end up in life, you make the choice to follow the path God has chosen for you or go down the road that has no set destination at your own risk.

The most important thing is this, the waves no matter their individual pattern or direction of flow, always reach the soft, warm, sand somewhere, because they always flow the way God has directed them to. Don’t believe that just because you share a similar trait or you are stopped at the same light that you are destined to follow the same journey, we all have the ability to choose for ourselves and to reach for God and learn our purpose in this life. So, take in the positive moments that surround you while on your journey, pick up the good pieces you were taught and hold onto the positive attributes you were given and be who you want to be, live for your happiness, and find your purpose that God has decided for you.

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