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What gets me through the day?

A few people have reached out to me lately and asked me a great question, “How do you get through the tough days?” “How do you find your strength to keep on?” When life seems so empty and you feel like giving up, when you find yourself feeling as if you just can’t go on without the one you love right beside you, remember, they never really left you.

The answer to all of your questions is simple. I have the lord by my side. I never lost faith that he would see me through. For all of us we have a way that we get through our stressful moments in life, for me it is writing out all of my thoughts and feelings. So, in this last year after losing my husband, I have been writing, a lot! My children made me promise that I would work on me, so that I would not be lost next and so I work out a few days a week and try to eat healthier, of course I am a stress eater so there is chocolate involved some days.

I have bad days and even bad weeks, but each day I get up in the morning and I talk out loud to the Lord and I tell him whatever is on my mind. I also talk to my husband, I know it seems odd, but it’s not, because I know he is there, I know they are there. I tell my husband all of my frustrations and all of my feelings every morning and I share my day with him every evening. I found happiness for my husband that he is not part of this chaotic world anymore and I believe that he had such a way of lighting up a room that there must have been a dark space that God needed to brighten and so he brought him back home to shine.

So, the answer to your question, “how do I get through the tough days so quickly?” I put all of my worries, all my pain and all my faith in God’s hands and when he is ready to show me what is next in his plan for me, I am here to listen and step up and take hold of those choices. I know what I am hoping for, and I pray that he will see those hopes and dreams through, but until then, I keep talking to him and my husband, I write all of my feelings and thoughts and I smile because I know my husband hated to see me frown.

I know the tears will always come, they must, that is how we cleanse our soul and flush out the pain, that is how we learn to start over again. I can’t express enough how gracious and amazing our lord is and if you find him and you have faith in him, he will never you let you fall. He may not always give you the answers you are hoping for, but in the end, you will see his answers are the right ones for you. It may seem like he is not answering, or you are not seeing a result, but trust me it is there, if you just let yourself feel it, you will find that he is there, and he has been guiding you all along.

He and my children are my strength that get me through every single day. I will never give up. I will fight everyday to live my life to the fullest and with a smile on my face because I live through his amazing grace.

Find your strength, find your faith, and know that they never left you, they surround you and they will always be in your heart. They are just making a place for you to come home to one day, my son told me that, shortly after my husband died and I have always kept that with me.

My prayers and thoughts are with each and everyone one of you and I will keep fighting this fight with you. Don’t give up on you and I won’t give up on you or me. If you need someone to listen, to share your feelings with, you always have a friend in me.

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