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Let’s Make it a Truly New Year

They call it the new year, they say it’s a chance to start fresh and start over, yet it always seems as if the years just stay the same. Why? Because we do not choose to make a change. We do not insist on making life exactly what we want it to be. It just seems easier to give in to what we already know and let life be what it is. Well, I say No, Not This Time!!!

I am 49 years old, and I am venturing to guess that my life may very well be more than half over. I am not willing to watch my life pass me by anymore and not have given it my all to make it everything I want it to be. I choose to LIVE my life not just go along for the ride. I decide what my life means to me and what I want out of it, not this world and not anyone else in it. It is only a New Year if we make it a New Year.

Don’t just set resolutions to lose weight or to save money or any of those old adages we as a people tend to throw out there as what we think is what we want for ourselves. Of course, we all want to lose weight and we would all love to save money and do better financially, but what do we really believe will make us the happiest every day of the year and for the rest of our lives?

I personally do not believe working a forty hour a week job, doing something that makes me miserable just to make ends meet at the end of the day is what makes my life absolutely perfect and makes me smile without even trying every day.

I have decided that I am going to reach for all of my dreams, and I am going to stop struggling and start enjoying every single day that I have left to live in this lifetime. I am going to work for me, make my own hours, and at the end of the day, if I don’t have enough to maintain my way of living, I will only have myself to blame. There will be no annoying co-workers, no ungrateful boss, and no question about when I can take time off or what holidays I must work.

I am going to enjoy all of the wonderful things that the good lord has provided me and be thankful each and every day that I am here to enjoy them.

I challenge all of you to dig deep and determine what will make you feel that life is worth living and that you can’t help but smile every day. Find your joy in the life you have been given and make it happen. Make this New Year a truly New Year!

I wish you all a very blessed New Year and many blessed years to come.

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