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What Brings Positive to Your Life?

It is not often when you find that spark that brings meaning and purpose into your life. Maybe, you have found your faith in God and his guidance fills you full of happiness and assurance in yourself and makes each day a little easier to get through just knowing he is there. Maybe you found that special someone, who brings a smile to your face and a rhythm to your heart that you thought you had lost forever. Maybe it is simply a beautiful day with the sun shining, the flowers blooming, and everything just feels perfect, giving you that little extra pep in your step each day.

For me, it is all three of those things and more. Most days It is my boys that bring the most joy to my day and remind me to get up every morning, climb out of bed and focus on my health so that I can live a long healthy life to share with them. It is my puppy, happily smiling at me and loving me unconditionally, the smell of daisies and roses, freshly cut and displayed at my table for me to see, smell and enjoy, it is knowing that God is walking beside me everyday and that I am his muse to guide and mold and telling him every morning, “I am listening, what is your purpose for me today?”

It is a blessing and a rarity to wake up one day, step out into the world and lay eyes on the person that you feel with every fiber of your being is meant to be your soulmate in life and at that very moment, everything inside of you just wants to explode and you want to scream, you are it, you are the one!!

The ideal of one more day without them in your life just seems too unbearable to imagine and all you can do is hope that they are seeing you and feeling the exact same way. I had that and I woke up thankful everyday that he did see me, and he did feel the same way and it was beautiful, until one day he was wrapped up in the lords’ arms and taken home and then that feeling of not being able to imagine another day without him returned in a different way and my sunshine was now dark gray clouds of loneliness, anger, and sadness.

In your heart you feel as if you could never possibly find that kind of love again, that person who makes you feel like you want to explode, who you cannot imagine spending one more day without them in your life, that person who makes the sun shine a little brighter and the day seem worth getting up for. That person who makes your whole person light up when you think of them, but you can find that again. The question is, when you do, are you willing to wait for them to want you? How long will you wait? What would it take to make you lose hope and move on? How strong is your desire to fill that void in your life and how confident are you that they are the one?

I believe that God is in full control of the life you are destined to lead, and I believe that he does not choose to hurt you buy taking your loved one home. I believe that if you allow God to be your guide and if you listen, he will bless your life with love again, he will shine a light on the path that finds purpose in your life, and he will never let you fall. I know, I am choosing for God to guide me, and I am listening, and he is allowing me to love again, and he is filling me with purpose. I pray I never lose hope in love and find myself moving on.

I hope you find your purpose; I hope you find love and happiness and I hope you find faith. I hope you find what makes your sun shine a little brighter today and every day.

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