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What are you really fighting for?

Genesis 1 :1-5

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

And God said, let there be light: and there was light.

And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.

And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.

Maybe some of us were never raised with a Christian background or any religious belief at all and many of us were never around when there was anything less than what we see here on this earth today. We know of nothing different than everything that is on this earth is supposed to be on this earth and we could never imagine this earth without most of these things in it.

Where would we be without hospitals, doctors and nurses, medicine in general? How would the world keep moving without automobiles, planes, trains, and buses? How would transportation work without gasoline, electricity and the parts that keep them running? What would the world be like if we didn’t have the high efficiency machinery that runs the farms and keeps food stocked in our grocery stores? What would any of us do without the clothing stores and the manufacturers that produce the clothes that fill them? God forbid, ladies don’t have hairdressers, manicurists etc.

What would the world be like without all of this technology today that supposedly makes life easier but could shut down our entire world with a flip of a switch these days because we have built or whole lives around it and have become almost completely dependent on it.

You see, God did not build any of these things, God did not create any of the facilities or the machinery or the luxuries that we all enjoy today. God created the heaven and the earth, he created the mountains and seas, he gave us light and darkness, he gave creatures and humans, herbs and plant life and he said, “it is good”. We as humans created all of the luxuries we live with today and these are privileges we are able to enjoy, and we are able to do so, if we work hard and afford ourselves the ability to acquire these things. This is why they are known as benefits and luxuries, commodities, and pleasures. We call it a lifestyle and we title are worth by classes, middle, low, and high.

The reality is that we are not owed these things, they are not rights to us, they were not given to us by God when he created this earth. God gave us our rights, our right to life, our right to a heaven and an earth and the beauty upon it. He provided the animals and sea creatures, the plants, and the herbs for sustenance for man to survive and let us not forget without any of these, we would not have most of the luxuries we crave. All the extra’s that we have designed, they are not necessary to survive, we created them as luxuries, because man is faulted and greedy and unsatisfied. Man wanted more and better, easier, and quicker. We have become needy, selfish, lazy, and practically worthless and we are doing it to ourselves.

We are so busy trying to make things easy on ourselves, wanting all the pretty and tantalizing new things that we are increasingly working our way into making our own selves extinct. We have our people believing that we are owed all of this and more. People are screaming that healthcare, food and money is a right not a privilege, that these things are owed to us because they are necessary to survive, we are talking ourselves into a system that would provide us a stipend of money , a ration of food and in a blink of an eye has already started to destroy what healthcare used to be, a place to be cared for, not a manufacturer that herds the people in like cattle and focuses not on the persons needs and learning who the people are as human beings, giving them your time and understanding but on how many of these people you can see in a day and how much money the facility and the industry can shell in, in doing so.

We are trading our values and our souls for a free ride, for what we think we are owed. We are turning against each other over behaviors that began before most of us were even born and were the ways of the world that our ancestors were learning to fight through and live out. We are free to make this world anything we want it to be and yet we are allowing the people we pay to tell us how to live in it and how to think and behave. We are letting Satan and his minions in government corrupt the very earth God created.

We scream about our independence, and we talk of being strong and fighting for our rights, while we allow people to brainwash our minds and control our behaviors. How independent is that? We are allowing our world to be controlled by technology and social media and the minions who control it, while they rake in the bank and quickly figure out how to manage all of us, our way of thinking, what we are allowed to say and what we aren’t.

The government has determined by scaring us all into believing that there is this horrible disease out there and that we could all die from it, that they can control us, and it is working folks. We are running around like scared toddlers, even the toddlers are less fearful. We are grasping for the fix all vaccine that is going to save us all, yet we have no idea what we are injecting into our bodies or what the long-term effects will be, but because some high up official says its necessary, we all just believe it.

All this while we are screaming that we have rights, yet we are not choosing to use them, and we are telling others that they are wrong for trying to stand for theirs.

Folks, the world we created around us, these are privileges we have manufactured to make money and have more and to make ourselves feel good, they are not rights, and these laws we live under, we the people afforded these people in government the right to create, we pay them to tell us what to do. Are you listening? Are you getting this? God provided us a means to survive and to live on his beautiful creation he designed for us, and we, in our greed and selfish humanistic behaviors wanted more, but we do not need more.

We do not leave this earth because of the ways we are taken out; Many of our people suffer on their way out of this world not because of God’s doing but because we created a world that invoked these diseases and caused them with the creations we designed, because we breathed the learned and reactionary behaviors into our people that cause them to do what they do. We are easily swayed by the devil’s hand and it is our job to be better than that. We leave this earth because God has decided already when it is time to bring our souls back home. He is watching all of us and only he knows how we will leave this earth and when the time is right, and only he knows where we go from here.

We are his creation, we did not create ourselves and we did not just suddenly exist from nowhere, we are miracles that God designed, we are souls that belong to him, and he is waiting for us to find him and to reach for him and to live for him. We create our own demise, and we are doing a darn good job these days of doing just that.

When we start believing that we are owed this world and everything in it, that is when he will come to take it back, because we have failed, and our greed has destroyed us all.

If we all stepped away from social media, where would the big wigs that run it be, they would fall, and they would lose all control of our minds and of us as a people, they would lose all the money they are raking in, and they would be back in our world. You want to take down big corporate, you despise capitalism, then start here and take these people down, stop letting them control you and your thoughts. We stepped right into their web, and they are tightening the noose as we speak, while they prepare to suck the blood out of all of us and fill their pockets all the while. You are feeding them with your own selfish desires. So, are you the spider or are you the fly?

Don’t stand in protest screaming for rights while you are so willingly giving them away. The hypocrisy is disgusting and vomitus. Put aside your privileged mentalities and your spoiled baby attitudes and look around you, what you believe should be free to you, it comes with a steep cost my friend, it comes with all of your freedoms coming to an end. While you stand on your soapbox telling others how to live their lives and shaming them for fighting for their rights to their freedoms, ask yourself will the people you put in charge give up their freedoms for you? Will they stand beside you in the food lines and live amongst you in the shelter they provide you?

We have God given freedoms and our country was founded on them, that is what makes our country so great amongst all the rest, do we want to be selfish and greedy and end up like the rest or do we want to go back to what God has provided and stand on our own, so we can show God and the world that we are still the best!


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