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What an Incredible Gift

If the world was perfect, what would we have to look forward to? If the sun was always shining, how would we ever see the stars? If everything was just given to us, what would we have to fight for? What would inspire us to aim higher or want more? If life was perfect and easy and everything we wanted just came about freely, would you be happy?

Have you ever thought about what life would be like without having challenges in it? Would it be simple and perfect, or would it be boring and dull? Almost certainly it would be whatever you perceive it to be.

What would it be like if we never seen the sun go down and the world was always full of light? Would we tire of the brightness and yearn for the dark or would it just be what it is, and we would just learn to adjust to never seeing the night, the moon, and the stars.

If we all were without emotion, no feeling of sadness, happiness, anger, or love, would life even be worth living?

Do you ever wonder if God thought of all these things before, he created the heaven and the earth and all of us humans? It would seem that he must have, how else would all of these things that we take for granted exist in our everyday lives? How would we appreciate anything in our lives or each other without feelings?

What an incredible position God was in, to be able to create not only a landscape and all the fillers within it but be able to decide all of the intricate details that make everything work around us and that make up all of us as human beings and provides us with the ability to see it, hear it, smell it, touch it, and emotionally feel it all. Humans alone are filled with such detail and hold such amazing workings within them and still he created all of us and all of the beauty that surrounds us, all in seven days. What a glorious designer he is.

I only wonder, what would it be like to feel no pain? To never suffer, to never feel heartache, depression, or disappointment. I know that is the price we must pay for Adam and Eve’s choices that first few days and I believe that is why he gave us the ability to show emotion and feel emotions, because we can not only feel pain but we can feel comfort and give comfort, we can not only feel heartache, but we can feel love and give love, we can not only feel depression and disappointment, but we feel enlightened and give praise and encouragement. We can not only feel suffering, but we can feel blessings and joy. He matched every painful emotion with a positive, delightful emotion.

He gives us the ability to choose our response to every occurrence we have in life, we can decide how we respond to all of the negative emotions and how we carry on. We get to decide how we choose how we will live our lives, how we want to feel and what will make us happy every day. What an incredible gift.

God did not make us to be one certain way, we make us who we are and the person we portray throughout our lives. We decide our destiny and the kind of life we want to live. God did not create evil, we as humans do that to ourselves. Wouldn’t it be nice if we were all positive creatures and shared kindness everyday instead of hatred and disregard for each other and our world?

Look around you, take in the beauty that surrounds you every day and remember, God gave you everything you need and more, life is what you make it and what you want from it, so if you know what will make you happy, reach for it, make it happen, no matter how hard the grasp may seem or how long the journey may be to get there, just go for it. We are only meant to live on this earth for a short time, don’t waste it being sad and angry, lonely, and hateful, find your happiness and just grab it!! Once you have it, thank God for giving you the ability to go after it and make it happen!

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