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We Can Make a Difference

We have an opportunity in this world to make a difference, to be different and to accept the differences in each other. We have a responsibility to the generations to come to show them that we were willing to stand up and stand strong for what we believe in. It is our job as the parents of the generation that’s taking its place now as adults in this world and the grandparents of the generations to come to be shining examples of strong backbones and diligent warriors to fight for a world that will prove worthy of our children and grandchildren. Not a world that the government deems acceptable but a world we know in our hearts and minds that we shaped into the best world possible. A world full of dignity, grace, respect and with a power of the people not the politicians. A safe world that begins and ends with our rights, our freedoms, and our choice to live life as the greatest human beings we can be to inspire our children and grandchildren and their children into being even better than we.

A very sweet lady I have been blessed to become friends with, mentioned today children are still being cruel to each other and that the desire to fit into the clicks is still a reality. I say this, it is not our job to coddle our children but to teach them to be stronger and better than those who display such behavior towards others and to be the reminders to our children that this nature will always be a reality and the world is a tough place to maneuver throughout but we must be stronger than it.

We do not have to sink to anyone’s shotty levels, we can carry ourselves with pride and know that one day those wretched children will be adults in a world where their popularity does not matter one damn bit and they are just one more person in the world trying to get through each day and manage life as it comes just like you. The difference is you will never have the guilt of being a horrible person who treated people poorly.

All this being said, we cannot stand on these very morals and principles in life if we are still being bullied ourselves. So, stop being coerced into doing what you don’t believe in because you are in fear of what you do not know. Stop letting the government and others demean you and attack you for making your own choices and being your own person. Show your children and your grandchildren that you stand on your own and you live your life as you believe is best for you.

I never fit into any clicks at school, and I never tried to. I was an independent loner. I had friends, still some of my best friends today and they were all I needed to make me happy. I have seen those guys from junior high that made fun of me and those girls that spitefully chased me away from cheerleader tryouts and I am ten times the person they are today and without tooting my own horn, far prettier than most of them today and I did not have to change who I was, ever. Today a lot of us from high school are friends, because today, we are all on the same level. Well, most of us.

I was never that person back then to let bullying beat me down and I am not that person today. I refuse to be afraid to speak my mind and I refuse to be forced to make choices I don’t believe in. I am not concerned of the consequences for myself, but Instead I know what the consequences will be for my children and their children if I do not stand up now and do my best to fight against these corrupt politicians and those who have been brainwashed by them.

I am concerned for all of those who refuse to fight and to open their eyes and see what is happening in our world. I am concerned for those who live in fear because the government has told them to do so. I am concerned for those who willingly took this vaccine that the government promotes without a second thought and have no idea what their consequences may be.

I could stand to lose my position as a nurse one day because of my actions and my words and who knows I may even walk away from it myself, but I will know that I stood for the lives of my children and their children and their freedoms, their rights, and their health and that I did my best to make them the strongest, healthiest, and brightest they could be regardless of the consequences for me. Nothing is more important to me than the lives of my children, the lives of those who came before me, the lives of my parents, family and friends and my faith in God.

Remember, you can’t be bullied if you don’t believe in the words being shelled out towards you. You can’t be hurt by the nasty looks or the hateful actions toward if you learn to smile in response and say, that is your opinion, not mine. I will never accept anything other than what I believe, and I believe in myself, you may not like who I am, but I never asked you to.

It’s not easy being a kid, but you get the opportunity to grow and make yourself into a terrific adult and show all of those wretched peers of yours just how great you really are and how little their opinions affected you in life.

This is how we turn a hateful world around folks, by raising our children with attentiveness and love. We must be their examples, their counselors and their comfort always. We must be their leaders. So, lead them and show them what it means to be strong and proud and to stand up for what you believe in and for what is right in the world. Be passionate, be faithful and be fierce in your stance but never evil.

What kind of world do you want to leave your children and grandchildren in? One that is controlled and enslaved, bullied, and weak or one of strength, respect, faith, love, and pride. Hopefully one that still holds our freedoms and our liberty with great pride and one that holds the utmost beauty, grace, and dignity.

I wish you all great strength, the best of health and the ability to find new spirit within in you to fight for a better tomorrow.

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