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To all the Young People

Kristie Lynn Nelson

You can be the generations that make the greatest change in our world. You can be the shining stars and the inspiration for all of the generations to come beyond you. Our world is starving for a strong generation that can turn all of this madness around and show the older generations that we can live in a world of love, hope, and promise again.

The world today has taken a horrible turn right off the deep end. We are watching children kill children, Children dying from drug overdose, children being marketed and sold for sex, and still today we are seeing children being kidnapped, molested, and killed.

The young children and the college students are being brainwashed by teachers and schools to be afraid and to live in fear. They are being provided safety zones and baby safety pins to make a statement to others that you are not to be targeted. This world is tearing the very backbones out of our children and preventing them from knowing how to stand up for themselves and to fight back and even worse it is turning some of them into angered, mentally disturbed killers. Do not let this happen.

Stand up and stand proud of who you are and show this world that you will not be controlled by political hatred and greed to control us all. Show the people that you will not have your minds warped with nonsense but will think for yourselves and build a greater and stronger generation of people who bring to light a stronger, more positive, and confident world that finds a greater feeling in loving one other, respecting one another, and looking out for one another.

We can show the greedy. Selfish, politicians that all of their knowledge is no match for the new generation and that they will never be able to make their scare tactics work with any of you. Show them that you are better, smarter, and more powerful than they will ever be.

We are all designed by God, but we are trained by those that came before us. Change the way you train the next generations

If you are not proud of the history before you, then make it better now, make history with your generations and show them how in your time, you made the greatest change ever. Let history show in years to come that your generations stood proud and fought back to bring our country together and bring back the world that God was hoping for. A world of compassion, love, respect, sharing, giving and pride.

The world is a scary place today, but it doesn’t have to be. Most of the people today, the generations of the last decade, have lost their backbone and they are walking this earth like robots, going along with whatever the government feeds them and they are creating chaos and death. You are the only hope we have now, you need to be better than we are and turn this world around.

Do not let the evils in this world possess you and destroy you, you are better than that. Remember the saying, sticks and stones may break my bones… Any anger you feel towards your friends or life, killing each other won’t change it and it won’t stop it from happening to someone else, you must find a positive way to change it. Look in those peoples faces that anger you and tell them that they can never affect you because you have no energy for hate and that you hope one day they will heal from their hatred.

I know it sounds crazy and silly, but I promise you, if we all start making these changes, one day this will domino and we can truly see a new and beautiful world.

We need to fight to bring God back into this world, into our schools, our homes, and our lives. We need to stop and look around us and enjoy the very beauty and gifts God has provided us. We need to put down the cell phones, the tablets, the video games and take time to really enjoy the life we have been given.

Young people, don’t let this world eat you up and turn you into the robots we are seeing today, don’t listen to your big superstars, they are also being controlled and told if they don’t say what they are trained to, they will lose their jobs in Hollywood.

Be greater than all of them, be the real superstars and make the greatest difference, the difference and change this world so desperately needs. Be the real faces of hope, love and promise for a world filled with respect for one another and belief that we need no government to keep us living or telling us how to live and what to think. Be the generation that thinks for themselves and brings back a world that is filled with beauty and grace and dignity once again.

Be a great imprint on history for years to come and a shining example for all of those who came before you and will come after you. You can do this; you need to do this. You must believe in yourselves.

I believe in you; the Lord believes in you and our world needs you to be the turning point, the shining light, the generation that turned it all around and made it greater than ever before.

I wish you all God’s greatest blessings and may you find comfort and peace in your minds and souls and passion in your hearts to be better than the world can even imagine.

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