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Tis the Season, Let us not forget The Reason

The skies glow with a golden-brown hue while we watch the setting of the first harvest moon. The leaves start to take on the same golden bronze while they start to fall and scatter across all of our lawns. The air becomes cold, the skies become grey, and the first signs of snow are making their way. We see the change coming, we know the routine, rake up the leaves and turn on the heat. What is next on our minds are the holidays and all the tasks to complete.

We start with the pumpkins, the kids trick or treat and then we give thanks for a bountiful feast, while we gather as family for this special time of year, to share all our stories amidst holiday cheer. We quickly move on, and the hustle begins, now we are shopping and baking for family and friends. We write out our cards and they are sent on their way; we are almost ready for Christmas day.

What did we miss? Are all the gifts here? Have we completed our lists and covered everyone this year? Shew, everything is done, we finished our tasks and we remembered everyone, NOT SO FAST! We forgot the most important one…. We were so busy shopping, wrapping, baking, and spreading holiday cheer, we forgot the most important reason for Christmas each year….

Slow down dear friends, take time to see what is in front of you, all around you and not just today but everyday that you are here. Look out your window at the glistening white snow, look at the sky and its beautiful glow, look at your family and the health they all hold, look at yourself and be thankful for your soul. Sit down and remember who gave you all of this, the reason you are here and what Christmas really is.

We sing songs praising him and remembering his grace, the birth of a child, so our lives could be saved. The life of a man given for you so you could have life and live as you do.

Its not the gifts that we give or the food that we eat, but the time together that is so sweet. Its not the cold in the air or the snow on the ground we should be focused on, but the life we are given and the ability to live on.

This Christmas I have many things I am asking for, the health of my children, my family and friends, the hope that the pain that I feel losing my husband soon ends. I have feelings for someone special and I did not think this could be, but I’m hopeful that he has those same feelings for me. I am praying for that ideal position in my career, my book to soon be published and my life to find its purpose and renewed happiness this next year.

Of course, my Christmas, will have presents, baked goods, cards, and a tree but the greatest part of my Christmas will be the lord and my family.

We can give all of the gifts and place all the trees, eat all the goodies, and fill up on sweets, but the wishes you really wish to come true will not be fulfilled because of me or you, no those wishes are granted by God’s will you see. So, when you think you are done and all is complete, step back for a moment and take a seat. Remember this year to thank God for your life and the lives you hold dear and for allowing you to live them another year.

May your holidays be blessed with good health and a prosperous year. May the lord be your guide and the reason you cheer. Amongst all of the silver and all of the gold, may your hearts find the love of Jesus to hold.

Merry Christmas to all of you and may you have a truly blessed New Year!!

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