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The Magic in every Young Girls Heart that carries on in every Women’s Soul

All young girls grow up watching the fairytales of Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and their hearts are filled with the promise of a someday prince charming that will sweep them off their feet and together they will live a life full of all their greatest joys and desires.

We find ourselves growing into young women who are banking on this promise of finding our prince charming. We begin to realize that this may not be reality and everything we were fed as children was just simply what the story refers itself to… a Fairytale.

As a woman we now have humbled ourselves to reason that those stories were in fact just a fairytale. Somewhere deep within our soul we still hold onto the possibility that there will be a prince charming that comes along and makes us forget everything around us and only see the joy that he can bring us.

We dream of finding someone who is gentle, tender, loving and sweet. We relish the idea of a man who looks at us as if we hung the moon and who’s only joy in life is to lasso that moon for us.

We picture a life filled with happiness, a life where we smile, every time we see this person in our view, and our heart feels so full and overjoyed that we can’t imagine a day without this person in our lives. The idea of waking up to a kiss and a hug every morning and going to sleep at night with a man wrapped around us whispering sweet dreams in our ear as he nestles closer and gently kisses the sweet spot on our neck before drifting off to sleep.

We hope for days filled with laughter and smiles, someone to lift us up when we are feeling down and to cheer us on when we are reaching through the challenges in our life and succeeding at all of efforts. Someone to give us a hug that says everything will be ok and of course, someone we can give all of this back to you because we want nothing more than to tell them how much we love them and believe in them.

It’s a glorious thought that this could exist, even if there are tough times and arguments along the way. To know that we still love each other and could not imagine life we out each other, no matter the disagreements. It’s a wonderful blessing to find someone to love and to love you back. Someone who accepts your faults and builds you up. Someone who is always your teammate through every trial and tribulation, every success and celebration.

Sometimes we find that, only to lose it all too soon and we are challenged to believe that we could someday find it again.

I believe someday I could find that again. Someday I will find myself living in my house on the lake, sitting on the deck overlooking the rippling waters with the Sun shining across the water making it shimmer like diamonds, the fresh air filling my lungs, a cold beer in one hand and the reason my soul shines holding the other as we listen to music playing from the house and grill our burgers over conversation about our day and our future plans.

You can have this dream young ladies, but the lesson is that you must fight for it. You must believe you are worth everything you desire in life and never give up until you have achieved it.

I know I will never stop fighting for everything I deserve and desire in my life because I know I am worth every bit of it!

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