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The Lord’s light guides our way, the Angels connect your path one day. You must choose if you stay.

There are people that come into your life, that seem to always find a way onto your path, no matter what direction you choose to go throughout time. Every time you see them a feeling of genuine love and happiness fills your soul, and you can’t help but wonder if they hold a purpose in your life, if they are someone you are meant to hold onto, not just at those moments when you randomly see them but quite possibly for all the moments in your life, for the rest of your life.

When you glance across the room and your focus falls on them and you can’t help but stare as their face appears to glow with a warmth that makes you smile every time you look their way and you love the way their eyes seem to be filled with a sweetness that tells you that they are a gentle soul, a person filled with passion and someone so special that you can not imagine not having them in your life and not just at the times when you see them through out your travels or your visits but always and in every day and every moment of your life.

A person that every time you carry a conversation with them or enter a room they are in, you feel completely comfortable, like there is not an air of uncertainty or awkwardness when you are around them. It almost feels like a warm blanket has been wrapped around you and you never want to step away.

You just seem to know that there is something about this person that takes your breath away and keeps you thinking about the endless possibilities between the two of you. You begin questioning why you feel this way, why this person seems to draw you in every time you see them. I can’t help but believe that someone has been drawn into my coloring book and placed in these scenes of my life for a reason and if I just connect the lines they will someday color in the pictures and our lives will become one.

They say that angels are sent to make these connections and most people miss them, because they are not listening or they are looking in the wrong direction, they think it’s wrong timing or there are too many obstacles or they start looking for the negatives, searching for a downside because nothing could feel this perfect, or quite simply they just are not willing to do the work to make it happen.

The angels believe there is a person in this world meant for you and they will do everything they can to show you the signs and make you see the light, but you have to be listening and willing to see it and take the chance. People mistakenly believe that soulmates are someone you are meant to fall in love with, but soulmates can be anyone that you hold a strong connection to in your life and they are not necessarily the person you are meant to romantically love. There is someone that is meant for you and sometimes there is more than one.

God holds the plans for your life, and he guides your way and he and the angel’s step in every time you pray and sometimes when you don’t see that you are losing your way. We are not always able to trust what our hearts are feeling or what we believe our instincts are telling us, because we are afraid to step out of our comfort zone and take the chance. So, we miss the opportunity for that perfect love, that person that makes us feel so complete and on top of the world, because we are too busy stepping in our own way and looking for all the reasons it can’t work, instead of doing everything we can to make it happen.

I fell in love with my first love, the moment I saw his face and it should have been my first choice for the rest of my life, but God knew differently, and it turned out to be, my first choice for the first part of my life. I will hold him in my heart forever, but the next chapter of my life is beginning, and this does not make my next choice, second to my first love, but it makes him my first choice for the rest of my life. I only hope the angels find his ear and whisper these things to him and that he is listening and willing to feel that his first choice is me for the rest of his life.

I am making great changes in my life, and I have decided that this next chapter of my life must be everything I dream it should be, I will settle for nothing less. I am not moving on from my past but merely moving forward toward my future and if the angels are listening, I have made my choices, I have seen your signs and heard your whispers, I am ready to do whatever it takes, and I am counting on you and the Lord to make it all come true.

Maybe my choices are not the right ones, maybe there is another path for me that I can’t see, but I am willing to take the chance and reach out for what I choose, because if you never try, you will always lose.

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