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The Devil’s Lullaby

I share a lot about my faith in the Lord, but I would be remiss to forget that the devil is still working his magic. There is a world out there where people go to make themselves feel invincible, where they are lured into a false pretense of believing that by participating in the wares slyly being passed their way, they can get away from their worries and slip into a lulling feeling of relief and release of all their stresses in life.

The devil comes in all forms and he is only looking out for his own best interest, he is working with determination to prove to the Lord that he is more powerful and that his following will prevail over good. He comes into the darkness of your soul and plays with your mind as he works to persuade you to come to his side and he instills in your psyche the idea that you are worthless and that your world is crumbling around you and that you will never climb your way out of the deep dark hole you feel you have fallen into.

This demon dangles false hope and a peaceful means to it all, in front of you and convinces you that by indulging in his sweet methods of self-medication you too can find happiness and sanctuary away from it all. What is missing from all this luring and baiting is the reality that with this, you will eventually become the victim of a trap you cannot fight your way out of and no matter how hard you fight, no matter how strong you think you are, you will find yourself losing the battle more often than not.

The truth is there are never easy answers or quick fixes that will take it all away. Life was never meant to be easy; God took that gift away when Adam and Eve ate the apple and forsake the lord, again at the devil’s hand and his filthy bag of tricks and persuasion. Life is hard, but only if you choose to make it hard.

Yes, you have the choice. You can look at your life and see the many blessings you hold, such as your life and your good health, the love of your loved ones and their good health, the home you have created and the children you bore. You see there are so many things we take for granted and choose not to see when we bury ourselves in negativity and personal pity. When we wallow in despair and wade in the dark waters of guilt and depression, anger and frustration, hopelessness, and greed.

The devil is a deceptive creature, and he has many minions doing his idle work. These minions are the drug makers and dealers, the breweries, the wineries and whiskey refineries, the tobacco industry, the casinos and so much more. While these minions line their pockets at the expense of your life, they will get their turn for the devil will most certainly watch them burn.

Yes, I know we mustn’t blame these industries for our downfalls, it is first and foremost our choice to consume of these products, therefore placing ourselves to blame at the center of the problem. We are choosing to find happiness from a bottle, a plant, a powder, a needle, a pill, and an animated machine, or whatever your choice may be.

The problem with these choices is that they will never solve your problems, they will never provide you the fairy dust to change it all for the better and make all of your dreams come true. What they will do, is take away every bit of your happiness, eat away at your mind, your organs, your pocketbook and your sanity. These choices will take away your loved ones, your personal possessions, and your life.

So, while you are driving on the road toward what you perceive is going to be the answer to all your happiness for a couple of hours, days, weeks, months, or years, if you are lucky and while you are listening to the devil’s whisper in your ear and his song in your head, remember he is singing a lullaby that only finds you dead.

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