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Summers Symphony

Summer comes in singing a tune. A Song sung by the birds and whistled by the leaves on the trees, a song of summer carried by the whispers of the waters waves and felt deep within your soul through the warmth of the sun. Ah Yes, the Summer’s symphony has only just begun.

As she sings her sweet melody, she brings a smile to our face and an undeniable happiness to be wrapped within her beauty and her grace.

Summer’s Symphony is a majestic treat from a long cold winter to basking in the summer’s heat as we walk along the beach, looking for that place in the sand under the golden rays of sunshine to take our seat.

The sweet smells of summer are filling the air from the barbecues to the bonfires everywhere.

The days are bright, and the nights do not come quite so soon, but when they do, oh that glorious moon.

What an amazing symphony summer plays as we soak in every wonderfully warm and sun filled day.

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