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Standing at the Edge of the Road

You know that moment when you are standing at the edge of the road looking across to the other side and you think to yourself, if I could just make it to the center of the road, I can wait there a little while longer, determine just the right time to make my move, and then eventually get myself to the other side, the destination you are attempting to reach. The goal, if you will, that you are aiming to get to.

While you are standing there watching all of the cars filled with people heading to their own destinations, their own goal lines, you are contemplating your best time to make your move and consciously take your first steps to the center of the road. All the while you are mentally saying to yourself, man, there sure are a lot of people in a hurry to reach where they are going, I wonder if once they reach their destination, they will be happy with their choice or if they are already regretting that they have to be there. Why is it that we have to be anywhere and why do we head anywhere that we already regret before we are even there?

Wouldn’t it be better if we all waited just a little while and determined the best time to make our move, maybe just get ourselves to the center of where we are headed and then contemplated when and if we wanted to complete our journey to where we were planning to be?

Wouldn’t it be ideal to make sure that where we are headed is exactly where we want to be? This way, every time we are headed there, we are happy with our choice and can’t wait to get there and every time we leave there we can’t wait to return.

It just seems to me; we are all in such a huge hurry to get where we are aiming to be that we don’t take the time to decide if the path we are taking to get there makes us happy. We spend our whole lives racing to get to where we want to be in life that we lose sight of what really makes us happy and what really matters in life. We miss an entire lifetime of joy because we spend all of our time working to, in all truthfulness, get nowhere greater than where we already were.

Yes, we may have more money and lots of toys and gadgets, property, homes etc.… but do we have happiness, joy, love, and peace in our lives? What we have are all of these things and absolutely no time or energy to enjoy any of them. Our whole life has blown by, and we never stopped to take the time to absorb the world around us and all of its majestic beauty that God has given us, the true gift of life. The absolute greatest reward of them all, the ability to just sit back and feel the gratefulness of being able to live your life and be alive. The time to really hear the birds, smell the flowers and be in love with the partner in your life, the moments to really enjoy the children that you brought into this world and watch them grow.

I have been in that center of the road. I had to stop there, because my world stopped for just a moment, while the rest of the world went on bustling passed me. As I stood there watching everyone racing to their destinations, I asked myself, are they really living their best life? Are they happy with their choices? Do they realize at all that life is passing them by and before they know, they will have missed the opportunity to really, fully, enjoy it?

I came to the realization, after my world came to a sudden halt, that I had an opportunity, a gift in front of me to change my destination. I had the choice to stop and take in the world around me, to be thankful for everything the lord has provided me, and to appreciate the true beauty that is all around me. I had been given a blessing amongst the turmoil occurring in my life, to slow down and do everything in this life that I want to do.

I don’t need excess money, or glamorous material items, I don’t need a gigantic, fancy home, I need peace in my life, and I want happiness in my heart and soul. So, I jumped off the crazy train and I chose God’s train. I chose me, I chose life, I chose the things that make me the happiest in life, my children, my writing, my peace of mind and my health. I chose to wake up and see the sunshine, to hear the birds chirping and to feel the breeze from the trees and smell the sweet grass.

I will not be someone’s slave, so they can make a greater profit. I will not live my life, hating it and resenting that I exist in it. I will not miss out on the opportunities to reach all of my greatest dreams and desires and I don’t have to. That is the greatest part of all, I can choose my destination, I can make my life choices, and I do not have do anything I do not truly want to. I don’t care about being rich or owning the best in life. I simply want the little things that are really the greatest things in life, I want love, I want happiness, I want solitude.

I want to sit on the water, watch the waves ripple in and the sun glisten across them, while the birds chirp and the gentle breeze blows, I want to hold the hand of the one I love, kiss the cheeks of the babies I raised and smile knowing that I lived my greatest life because I quite simply chose to just live it.

I made it to the other side of my road, and I did it the way I chose to and with a smile on my face and plenty of energy to keep going and enjoying where I am.

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