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Almost everywhere we turn, we find a sign. A stop sign, a road sign, a price sign, a street sign, a yield sign etc. These of course, are all signs that are physically present in our lives, signs we can touch and feel, but there are other signs that for many are missed and they never stop or yield to take in what these signs are trying to tell them. For some of us we are blessed to have these signs make themselves known to us, to warn us of trouble to come or losses to be had, sometimes to tell us of wonderful moments ahead or to reassure us that our feelings are just, and the plans we are hopeful for, are possible.

I realize this probably sounds crazy and you are most likely thinking to yourself, she is really losing it these days, but perhaps after I share this brief story, you will understand a little better and it will all make a lot more sense.

I am not claiming to be psychic, because I am not. I am not a medium, I do not talk to the dead and I am not crazy. I am spiritually connected. I can’t really explain what that is except to tell you that my maternal grandmothers seem to be spiritually connected as well and for most of the signs I receive they come from a beautiful love of my grandmothers and mine. The love of skies blended in blues in pinks, a color my grandmother affectionately called sky blue pink and the love of daisies. For the rest they are just circumstantial happenings that occur at random moments without any real reason.

As strange as it may sound, I am happy to explain. You see, I have come to learn that when my grandmother needs to make me aware of something she will either come to me through this particular color in the sky or amongst a field of daisies, sometimes a patch of them. When the pink in the blue sky becomes blood red, my grandmother is warning me that something terrible is going to happen, when those skies are light pink in nature and soft across the horizon, she is telling me that everything I am doing is good and good things are coming.

In the past she has come to me in dreams through a field of daisies to warn me not to do something because tragedy is destined to occur if I do, and she was right, and it did. If you read my book, when it hopefully comes out, you will learn more about that story. My grandmother also seems to make her presence known at each residence I live in, as every one of my homes ends up having a patch of daisies alongside it letting me know she is there with me, and when I am moving away from the residence the daisies start to blow away as if she is leaving with me. I know it sounds insane, but I promise its all true.

Now, for a quick story to give you a synopsis of the type of signs I see.

I have spent the last few months connecting with someone and it wasn’t until life created a void between us that I realized just how special they had become to me and how much I want them to be in my life.

I have been talking to God as I do every day, as well as sharing my everyday adventures with my late husband. I continue to ask God to let me know if this person I am missing and can’t seem to stop thinking about is someone that will be in my life someday and if I should hold onto my thoughts or if I should let this person go and move on. I have been asking these questions everyday for over a month now and suddenly I believe God has sent his angels to answer.

While sleeping the night after I wrote my post “Talking with God” towards the end of my sleep, just before I woke up for the day, I heard this person’s voice as if they were calling me on the phone, asking me if I was ok and of course I replied and then I woke up.

Later this same morning I was getting ready to spend the day with my youngest son and I went to grab a bracelet to put on before heading out for the day, a bracelet that I had replaced after believing I had left the original behind on a trip.

This bracelet has a saying on it, a sentiment that the person I have been missing had stated similarly about me before and for some silly reason, I believe they are close to me when I wear it.

As I went to retrieve the bracelet, there were two of them laying there and for the last week and a half there had only been one. I had searched everywhere for the original bracelet and suddenly there it was lying entangled with the new one. I mentioned how strange this was to my son and then acknowledged that perhaps it was a sign and went about my day.

After a long day of shopping and video games at Dave and Busters I was exhausted and decided to relax and watch a nice hallmark Christmas movie with a warm glass of pumpkin spiced coffee. As I was watching this movie, I moved forward in my seat to take a sip of coffee and then I heard it, the man in the movie said the exact words that are inscribed on my bracelet. Now, these may be common words, but I have never heard them said until the day the person I care for said them to me and the gentlemen in the movie said them with the same exact expression intended.

So first the voice while sleeping, then the original bracelet returns and finally the sentiment expressed during a movie I am watching, all in the same day. I sat there holding my cup of coffee, thinking how uncanny this was and then looked to God and merely said, thank you, I knew you would answer, and I am grateful that you answered positively.

I was so excited I shared this with my oldest son who thinks I am completely crazy and does not believe that premonitions can occur. All I can tell you is that I believe in God, and I believe in the premonitions I receive because they have never been wrong so far. So, with these signs, I believe he has answered me and is telling me to hold on to my thoughts for they are right.

There are reasons why this person and I connected that also came to happen based on signs I had been given that turned out to happen just as I had been told they would. Again, there is more to this story in my book, and I am hopeful there will be more of this story to come.

I believe that God is always listening, and you only need to be willing to share and believe for yourself that he is there and just maybe, one day, he will answer you. Nothing is greater than knowing he is beside you always.

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