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Inspired while heartbroken

I am writing a selfish ponder today, as I sit here tonight watching newsmax and learning about are beautiful country being disgraced by criminal politicians and bought out election winnings as well as being damaged by pandemics that are being used to forcefully control our country , I realized something that truly breaks my heart... My dream to see Garth Brooks in concert may never become a reality, if our country continues in this direction.

I am a huge fan of Garth Brooks and many of his songs ring true in my life and have been a positive light in my life. So I know its not very realistic to believe that Garth Brooks would ever see my blogs or read them but I want to tell him How terrific he is.

Mr Garth Brooks, you sir are an amazing man, you are a stand up father and a man with a heart of gold and when I listen to you speak about your family , our country and music, I feel your passion and your love for all of them. I recently purchased your cd Man Against Machine and what an incredible CD. I just had to at least attempt to reach out to you and tell you , Your song Tacoma is amazing , I love the bluesy feel of it and your vocals on this are mezmerizing, I continue to be suprised and amazed by your ability to sing any kind of music and to make it sound every bit as awesome as you. The fact is that everything you sing is filled with heart and soul and as a listener you feel that every time you listen to your songs. You are truly a blessed man and I just wanted to express my admiration to you. A few of my favorites are The River, Mom, thunder rolls , people loving people and we shall be free as well as if tomorrow never comes. I truly love every one of your songs and I am broken hearted that I may never get to be in the crowd at one of your concerts.

Thank you for sharing your love of music with all of us and providing a light of positive in all of your music. God Bless you and your family.

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