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Red Night, You Can’t Steal My Light

The sky that night, so crimson red, I should have heeded what it meant. I stared in awe at the view and wondered what this fiery site was leading to. Little did I realize it was my warning that I was losing you. I should have known as it stole my breath that she was warning of a horrid death. I did not see, I had every clue, even your dream should have said something to me and you. I have always been able to see when demise is near, but this time I missed the obvious and it was so clear, perhaps I was not supposed to feel what was to be my worst fear. I could not save you and I can not bring you back again, but one thing is for you sure, a love like ours is not meant to end. So, save a spot for me in the promise land and when its time, I will look for you to take my hand. I love you my dear and I feel you near with every smile, every laugh, and every tear.

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