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Ready, Set, Wait…

A whole lifetime has just abruptly ended and the resounding necessity to start a new journey on your own is now a reality you must face. Are you Ready? Have you ever really thought about this possibility occurring in your life? Have you every played out in your mind the plans you would make or what you might do differently if a sudden change occurred in your life that required you to start over? Get set, it is going to be an interesting ride. All these years of knowing exactly what is next are now going to be different. You are riding a new path now. But Wait, I am not sure I am ready, I have no certainty of what I am supposed to do next or if what I choose will be the right choice. I ‘m scared….

Nobody ever says, “Prepare yourself for the possibility that one day your life will suddenly come to a halt and everything you once knew will no longer be the same and you will need to start a new journey on your own, all alone. “

Everyone, when you experience this halt in life, says “You are not alone, we are all here for you.” But the simple fact is, they are not going to be in your every minute of everyday moments, where you will be walking and falling until you find your strength and can confidently stand on your own, alone.

It is a kind gesture to offer to be there for someone, but you must know that as comforting as those words seem, they fall short for the person you are offering them to, because you quite simply cannot fill the gigantic void that is now present for them, you have your own lives to live. No, we, the people that are burdened with this new journey, must find our own path, and we must be responsible for filling the gaps now present in our lives.

So, am I ready? I am not quite sure, but I will start with baby steps, one day at a time, I will have faith in the lord to guide me and slowly I will find my strength and begin my next 30 years anew, while learning from all the missteps I took in the past and holding onto the positive morals and memories I made along the way that will enable me to find strength and make the best decisions for me.

Get set world, here I come, wobbly legs and all, ready to break a new ground and burst out of my shell and show the world all that I am made of and put my stamp on this life. I’m gonna be somebody baby! The whole world is going to know just who I am!!! Anybody planning to be a part of my life better hold on tight because I am getting ready to fly high and skyrocket to the top!!

Wait… In my haste to find my legs am I going to forget? Am I going to disappoint the one I lost? Will he be hurt with my choices? Will he hate me for moving on with my life? Will I still see him one day at those heavenly gates with arms wide open ready to welcome me home?

I believe I will, I loved him everyday and every minute and second of our lives together and our vows were certainly met, “til death do us part” just came way to soon. I think my husband would be proud of me and would expect me to hold my head up high and carry on. I think he would want me to make the best of the rest of my life and to crush this world with my impact.

Ready, Set, Wait for it………. It is going to be profound!!

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