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Only New Beginnings

With every story you read in life, there is a beginning and an end. I choose to believe that no story really has an end. I believe that every story including the story that makes up each one of us and the life we live, never finds an end to it but instead finds a new direction or an addendum if you will. We get an opportunity to fill in all the spaces that were left undone in the past or even change some of the things that were not so great before and make things better this time around. We don’t have to let go of our past and truthfully, we never really do. We hold on to the good parts and remember the painful ones, so as not to repeat the sting. If you find in your life that your story has come to a crossing, requiring you to choose a new direction, take the yellow brick road, go after the pieces you were missing, and fill your life with all the happiness you wish to have.

For most of us, we spend our lives wishing for better and wanting more out of life. We make our choices and along the way we learn about the choices we have made, and there are some moments, where we start to wish we had chosen differently, or hope, that we are able to mold what we have chosen, into something more to our liking. This of course is not always possible and while we may be able to get part of the mold we are working for; we are usually brought to the realization that we must accept what we have been given and either love what we have or move on. For some of us, we love what we have so much that we are willing to accept the things we don’t like, because the things we love are so worth it.

The greatest reality to all of this, is that only God knows what your path in life is, and if the life you have chosen will remain with you until the end. If you have faith in him, should he decide to change your story, you will see that he always knows what is best for you and he will never let you down. He will point you in the right direction where all of your spaces will be filled, and all of your hurtful moments will never occur again. He will give you the opportunity to tap your heels and see all of your dreams come true. It’s not that your past didn’t fulfill some of those dreams and that you didn’t love it, it was just the beginning of your dreams, not the end.

The beginning of my life story was my greatest dream come true as a young girl. I fell in love and married the boy of my dreams and I still love that man and I always will. My story didn’t end when his chose a new direction, it left me at a crossing, with the opportunity to choose a new direction of my own. At first, I wanted to run back and find where the road led him, but that was not an option. Then I thought I would just stay put and not take another direction, but God would not allow it. So, I chose to have faith and follow God’s direction for me.

I could not have made a better choice. I fulfilled my dream in writing a book, I stepped back and took in the entirety of the earths beauty around me and seen that I can love my life just as it is, and I do not need anything more to make me completely happy in this life. Most of all, I am filling in my empty spaces, making sure the hurtful pieces and bad choices of my past never return and I am filling my life with all of the happiness I wish to have.

You see, I have a never-ending love from the first part of my story, that will remain with me forever and today I have been blessed by the Lord, he is shining his light on my yellow brick road and guiding me down it to complete the next part of my story. He has led me already, to the best part of the continuation of my story, into the arms of a warm, wonderfully amazing love. He has blessed me with the opportunity to love and to be loved once again. He has chosen for me the most wonderful man that I could ever have imagined.

My story hasn’t ended, there are no endings, only wonderful new beginnings!

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