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My Talks with God Journal 6

Good morning, Lord. I am sitting here this morning in wonder and slight uncertainty as to why anyone desires to have the perfect life. It would certainly make things much easier, if we didn’t have all the ups and downs in life, but without all the pitfalls and messes life brings what kind of journey would we have and if it was all uneventful how much enjoyment would we really feel?

Some of the best moments in life are when we rise from the chaos and find ourselves triumphant after we battle through the trials, clean up the messes and swing over the pitfall’s life throws our way. I believe it is then that we feel the most reward and happiness in life.

Lord, I am still trudging through my battles, and I am still having my ups and downs. I still find myself falling into my emotions and missing that piece of my heart that you brought home with you.

I am still questioning myself and the choices I am making and looking for reassurance from you that I am on the right path and that I am following the plan you have created for me.

I just know that my end result will find me feeling so completely fulfilled and rewarded because I let you take the lead in my life. I am scared, I am nervous, and I am still cautious about my next steps on this chaotic journey. I am hoping that you are still beside me and guiding my way.

Thank you for hearing my cries, saving my dear friend, and bringing him through his battle.

Thank you for continuing to provide me with your strength to get through each and every day and for keeping my babies safe and sound, strong and smart, healthy, and happy.

I pray that you will continue to keep me safe in my future travels and keep my loved ones safe in theirs.

I know today that if my tomorrow never comes, you have never left my side and I have lived a full life and gave to you my sins, changed my direction, and submitted to you the reins to lead me home.

I am forever grateful for the beauty that surrounds me and the peace you continue to fill me with. I pray that you will find acceptance with the steps I am taking and that I will find immense joy when I reach my destination.

I pray for your love and protection over my family and friends, and I thank you for your love and guidance over me.

All of my love and praise to you.


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