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My Talks with God Journal 5

Good evening God. Here I am tonight, feeling so blessed and so incredibly lucky to have a good life, the best children, and the greatest friends as well as someone very special to tell me every day, how very special they believe I am. Yet, I sit here questioning my feelings and believing that I need to field everyone that makes themselves a person of interest to me, because I am so afraid and so unsure about making the wrong choice or losing the right one.

So, I am looking to you tonight lord, to provide me with some clarity and some guidance of which I already believe I feel the answers within me. I am just scared as hell to take the wrong path and find myself hurt and disappointed once again.

I never wanted or asked to be placed in the position I am in, and I do not wish to lose any friends that are worth their salt to me over any decision I make. Nothing about who I am makes this easy for me. So, if you are listening and I know you are, I am asking for you to touch my heart and shine some light on what you believe is right for me and if what I believe is right for me is in fact the answer.

You have never in my life done me wrong and I know that if I can count on anyone to make the best decision for me, its you.

Thank you for a wonderful week in Detroit and safe travels there and back. I pray you will always watch over my friends and family, keep them in good health and safe in all they do.

I am not afraid to be me anymore and I am in fact very proud of who I am. I want to continue to reach for all of my dreams and I am hopeful I will succeed at each and every one. I know through all of my journeys in this life you will be standing beside me, and you will never let me fall.

Please watch over my boys, keep them safe and sound, strong and smart, healthy, and happy.

Thank you for loving me.


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