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My Talks with God journal 3

Good morning God. I come to you this morning as a fool. My soul has been wronged and my heart has been bruised with a hurt that has created a bitterness that will forever change me. I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but I have recently come to find myself feeling like a very naive fool who was blinded by the savvy of a man and his games.

I am reminded today that there is always evil among us and if we allow even for a second the opportunity for it to creep in, it is a second to long. We must remind ourselves that our hearts and our souls are a sacred place, and they are to be guarded well and with the greatest of vigor. I know the kind of woman I am and how anyone that should be lucky enough to reach my heart is truly a very lucky person indeed.

I have come to realize that others also see the genuine soul that I am and the kindness I possess as a person and that evil can rear its disgusting horns and aim its target at me if I am not careful. My husband always told me. Baby there is never any good intention by a man, there is only intention period. He was without a doubt right… Again! There are many male friends of mine, who I know are honorable and decent men but with a torn view now in place, I will always err a on the side of caution for now on. My guard will stand strong.

I genuinely don’t know who you are, but I know you are reading my blogs and to you I can only offer you prayers and hope that you find your peace and your happiness someday and to the soul that tore mine to shreds, I can only say that karma is a bitch my friend and I know its biting your ass right now, but I will never allow you or anyone to destroy my world and the person that I am, I will only offer you prayers that you realize the pain you caused and the hurt you placed and that you learn to find your way to the lord and change your ways before the evil swallows you whole.

As of this moment lord, I am starting fresh. I have started my new job and I love it so far. I believe it is going to be a great adventure for me. I will continue on knowing that I am just fine learning to be me and be on my own and I know now it’s not so simple as letting your heart guide you to a special someone, it is truly much more in depth than that. I will always carry my greatest love with me in my heart and I know he will always watch over me and my boys. My husband was a real man, not a perfect man but most certainly a real man and I will forever be proud that I was his wife and know that I was blessed to have him in my life.

I ask today lord, for you to continue to keep my boys safe and sound, strong and smart, happy, and healthy. I pray that you will continue to comfort my family and help us all to find our greatest strength in you.

I pray that you will shine your light on the souls that are tarnished with evil and help them to see that life is so much greater living it through God and when you are living your life to be a blessing to others, not a beast that rips a person a part for their own gain.

I thank you lord for always being by my side and providing me all of the comfort I will ever need.


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