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Living is Easy

The living part of life is simple, it is just something that you are almost programmed to do and so you just do it. We don’t always do it well or right, but we make it happen none the less. We have to, there is no option to just exist, not if you are looking for happiness, love, and prosperity during your time here on this earth.

The difficult part of living is the action of striving to achieve everything you desire and expect out of your life. There are no manuals with written directions to follow, there is only your heart and soul, your dedication and perseverance that guide you and lead you to those joyous moments when the reward for all of your hard work starts to present itself. Is it all worth it? Well, that is for you to decide. One thing that is for certain is that there are no easy rides in life, everything takes effort.

If you plan to live your life with any sense of pride and respect for yourself, you must be responsible for the life you live and you can never choose to ride on someone else’s coat tails or live off of their dollar. We all want to be treated with dignity and respect, but that is earned not just given.

Here’s where life gets interesting. You work hard to make a successful life full of love, respect, and prosperity and then life throws a wrench in your wheel, and everything starts to seize, and the grinding feels unbearable, as if the whole system is just going to shut down on you. It feels so unfair, and you become angry and frustrated and feel completely discouraged.

Learning to start over after all of that is not easy. You feel bitterness and resentment that this happened and fear that it will happen again. For me the wrench was thrown when I lost my husband and I began to take over the wheel, learning to keep it oiled and moving without any interruptions again. Raising our youngest son on my own, learning to love and let someone love me and determining the best course of action for our lives now has been quite a challenge.

I’ll always be thankful for what I had and the 32 years I spent with my dear husband and in my heart, I know that even then life gave us challenges. We were always busy putting forth effort to keep what we had going and running smoothly. Now, I have someone new that inspires a newfound effort I must endure, and I am excited and scared of what this challenge will mean for me. At the same time, I am faced with the challenge of raising my 13 year old son, a teenager with all of the teenage fun, but also someone who comes first in my life and requires my focus to be on him above myself while he grows into a wonderful man.

The real challenge becomes figuring out how to build a new life, one that reaches and achieves all of my desires. How do I make a new relationship work along with living a great distance from each other and while growing this new seed from afar, creating a plan to find our way to being together without taking anything away from my baby boy? How do I keep life simple, structured, and yet continuously moving in the right direction? What are the right and necessary decisions and what are the wrong decisions that could throw that wrench in the wheel again?

I love that these are my greatest concerns and that every choice in my life is directed toward happiness, love, unyielding joy that will make life full again. I just know that this all must make life joyous for my children as well.

I love my life, I love my children, I love my friends and family , I love my job, and I am in love with a wonderful man, who makes me smile every day and makes me feel so absolutely special all the time. I could not ask for anything more in this lifetime.

I can tell you this, I know that the good lord will never let me fall and he will see me through every challenge that I face. I have faith in God that he will guide me through every question or doubt I have, and he will keep my wheel turning always.

I am loved and I am blessed, I am thankful for my life and all that I have been given. I know God has not given me anything in this life that I can’t rise above, and he won’t see me through. Life is easy if you work hard at it and you hold your faith in the lord while living it.

Be grateful, be faithful, be challenged, be perseverant and you will live your best life with ease!

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