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Live for Today

It is not enough to say, it can wait until tomorrow. It is never ok to wait another day. You can never know what tomorrow brings. Sometimes we believe we need time to figure things out or to make a secure decision, but the reality is that time is not on our side. Life is short and there are just some things that shouldn’t need time for you to figure out, there are times when you should just know, you should just be able to feel that something is right and if you feel like you are ready to burst inside, like nothing could seem more perfect, is it worth it to risk taking the time to think things out before deciding that it is ultimately everything you have ever wanted in your life.

Why can’t we just say, “this is what I want, and I will not settle for anything less!” Why can’t we just hold out for everything we have ever desired in our lives and wait for it to happen. I know I am on two different sides of the spectrum right now.

On one hand I am saying life is too short to take the time to think things out and on the other hand I am saying, hold out for your dreams, don’t settle for anything less. Both sides seem right to me. I decided to hold out for my dreams, I do not wish to take on a job, just to have a job. I want to be happy with my job, I want it to make me feel completely fulfilled and proud. I want to look forward to going to work everyday and know that I am succeeding and accomplishing something great.

I also choose to believe that if you know that someone is so perfect for you that your everyday seems to be spent thinking about them and you can’t wait until you hear from them again, if when you are together, everything just seems right, then why in the world would you question whether you should be with them? Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I am a romantic and I let my heart lead too much.

It seems we live in a world where we are all just running around in chaos. We live in a world where we have way too many options to choose from and we seem to want even more. I think all of us have forgotten how nice it is to just be simple. I think we are all missing what is important in this life and way to busy trying to have more, striving for better, so much so, that we may just be missing what is already in front of us and it may very well be perfect for us.

It may even be possible that while I am focused on what I want in my life, I may have already missed the perfect opportunity, doubtful but just maybe. It may be that I am so certain about someone because every time I hear from them or think of them, I light up, that maybe, I just want this to be so perfect that I am creating this illusion of feelings for myself and maybe I am wrong. Doubtful but maybe.

The point here, is stop making everything a drawn-out deliberation and just know what you are looking for and what you want out of life and make it happen. Reach out and just grab it before its too late and life has gotten away from you, and you never find those moments again. Fight for your dreams and follow your feelings and your instincts. Take your life in your hands and make it everything you want it to be.

There is no better time than the present to see all of your dreams come true. We get one life, and we are never guaranteed how long we get to live it, so live it, do not procrastinate, and put off to a tomorrow that may never see.

I know it all seems a bit silly and unrealistic, but I have seen what procrastination and time does. I listened to my husband say, “we can’t do that right now, we do not have the money and it is not the right time.” Well folks, the right time was too long, and my husband passed away without warning and never fulfilled the dreams he wanted, he never seen the places he wanted to see, and his life ended unexpectedly without ever getting there.

So if you are telling yourself, “I’ll get there someday” or “there is plenty of time” , if you are thinking you just need time to decide whether something is right for you or if you are sure you are making the right choice, don’t wait to long, because you never know if someday will still come and you can never know how much time you really have.

Get out there and enjoy your life, grab onto the ones that make you feel on top of the world and never let go. Keep living for today and be thankful for every tomorrow.

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