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Line in the Sand

Every person has a place in their conscious that tells them when they feel uncomfortable, when something just doesn’t feel right, when they may need to back up, rethink, and consider whether they are facing the right way. Every person knows their limit and when it has been reached and everyone with a decent heart and a solid mind has a conscience that does not allow for them to go too far off the beaten path. All of us have a line in the sand.

The greatest issue with our line in the sand is that it may get blown around a bit. We may trickle our toes in the borders of that line and wonder if we just took the next step would it be so bad. There may just be a faint line that we are not really sure is our line or if we are just having self- doubts and are just too afraid of the unknown that is well within our line but still too scary to cross.

While we are questioning our conscience and fighting our fears we may very well being losing out on a great opportunity, perhaps even a perfect choice in life and here we are too afraid to keep walking forward and take the chance, too self-conscious to go any further.

We are so wrapped up in questioning ourselves and living in our protective shells that we never allow ourselves to just live, take the leap, deny the risk, and just feel with our hearts, follow our gut, and jump in without fear and reservation, just go all in on faith.

You might have someone in your life that loves you incessantly without any hesitation at all and knows without any doubt that you are the one for them, and while having feelings for them, you can’t stop trying to find the negatives, you can’t stop looking for the downfalls and being terrified that it won’t be everything you are dreaming it could be.

You can’t stop fighting the fear of letting go of what you have always known and allowing yourself to move on. You can’t stop questioning yourself and looking for some sign to tell you that its right, so you can feel absolutely positive and completely reassured that you are making the right choice.

The question is, are you using your line in the sand as a shield to protect you from the unknown? Is your self-conscience standing guard at the door of your heart and ruling with an iron fist to the point where no one can ever come in? Have you any certainty at all?

Maybe you just don’t have the energy to do the work it takes to keep going and walk that unknown path. Perhaps you just need to walk it a little bit at a time and wait for the right moment to run.

Sometimes even your faith in God and your reliance on his answers to guide you can seem a bit slow and unclear. So, how do you reach that point where the line in the sand blows away and you no longer see a darkened door but instead are covered in the glow of a shining light that says your choice was right?

When do you stop questioning yourself and just learn to let go?

Perhaps when the right choice says, take my hand and together we will cross that line in the sand.

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