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Life’s Limits

Sometimes the stars just don’t align, and life just does not give you roses. There is a limit as to what one person can handle in their lives and most days, I believe I have reached mine. I continue to ask God to smile upon me and give me a reason to feel hope and to know that everything will work out as it should, in the end. It is not that good things are not happening in my life, it is just that the bad seemingly far outweighs the good. For every moment that brings a smile to my face there are twice the moments that make me cry or fill me with anger and rage.

My grandmothers always said “put it all in God's hands, let him take control” I am trying to do just that, but while I am waiting on God to take over, I’m adding more problems to the pot. I am finding less golden possibilities and more of the devil’s hand squeezing at my will power and bringing me to a standstill and a feeling of wanting to give up and let go of any inertia to try. I intend to be a warrior and I intend to keep pushing until I get there, it is just a rocky road so far and I have no idea how long it will take for me to reach all of my goals and feel like the best me again.

When life gives you limits, it's up to you to push passed them and get out of your own way, fight off the devil and climb the stairway to your greatest success. It is up to you to make your life a limitless journey of achievement and happiness.

Through all of our trials and tribulations, our pain and our suffering, we must learn to press on and walk across the pain of the pebbles until we reach the soft warm sand and the glorious blue waters that shimmer from the golden rays of sun that make our soul shine.

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