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I Am Not Perfect

For most of us, we get caught up in looking for that perfect person. The one who checks every box and holds all the right answers to your every need and want in life, but the reality is that none of us are perfect. We all hold our own inner demons, and we all live with our own personal struggles. It is not about being a perfect person, but honestly about being that perfect person for the one you love and the one you love being perfect for you.

The one most important rule in life, is being able to look at the person in the mirror and be happy with who you see, be content with who you are and know that you are the best you can be. Life is not an easy ride, and we all make mistakes, this is what makes us all human. We all have blemishes and imperfections that we are not proud of, but there is someone out there that will love every one of your imperfections and cherish them because they are part of what makes you, you.

I am not perfect, and I have never claimed to be. I am perfectly content just being me. My greatest desire in this life is to be perfect to God and okay with me, to find someone who loves me and together we see that I am perfect for him, and he is perfect for me. My greatest hope is to show my beautiful boys that life is never about perfect, but about all of the things that give you the greatest joy.

I am not perfect, no one has to be, they only need to feel perfectly content with who they hold themselves to always be.

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