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How Strong are You?

They say there are strength in numbers, but I believe the greatest strength is the strength you hold within yourself. A power unmeasurable and unbreakable by no other is the power you hold in your own mind that says that you are capable of anything, and you are your greatest ally. When you are able to come to the realization that your happiness and peace in life comes from within you and is decided upon by you and only you, it is then and only then when everything in your life becomes everything you want it to be.

It does not matter who you meet or the relationship you’re in, if you have not learned how to be happy on your own, you can never be happy with someone else. You must learn to have self- worth and understand self-appreciation and then you can work on finding a partner you appreciate and who appreciates you and when both of you have self-appreciation and have learned how to appreciate each other, then you have truly found the perfect relationship.

You can be sure that most of us have not found this in our lives, even if you believed you did, you might just find that you truly never came to realize what really makes you happy as an individual.

I know even after 26 years of marriage; I am just learning that I spent my entire marriage trying to please my husband and never really considered what actually brought me happiness. I always just said, “making my kids and my husband happy, makes me happy” well, that might be true, but it is certainly not what makes me as an individual person happy.

I am slowly learning what brings me happiness and what I really want in life, what I hope for in a relationship, and what will without a doubt make me the happiest person in this world. I am spending my time these days discovering myself and what are my greatest desires in life. There have been a few expressed interests since I lost my husband and became single again, but this time around I am not taking any leaps into any relationship without feeling like it is absolutely perfect and the right choice for me. I know for certain those feelings are not something to take lightly and will certainly make themselves known when they are there. Of course, there is more to my happiness than a relationship with someone.

It is important to stop and look around and see the beauty in everything around you and remember what life really means to you and how blessed you are to be given the gift of life and the opportunity to fill it with whatever you want. Whatever makes you smile every day, whatever makes you feel on top of the world every time you see it or think about it, whatever fills your soul with the greatest feelings like warm sunshine. Live that life, because you only get one, so why not live a life that makes you feel the most complete and brings out the best in you.

I can’t say I was lucky enough to get a second chance to build the best life for me and to find the perfect partner to share it with, because I was not lucky, I was merely placed in the position that requires me to start over. I will say I am blessed to be given the opportunity to be alive and to be brought to the realization that the desires you believe are everything you want are not so easily achieved and they first start with you learning exactly who you are on your own and not being naive enough to think that God just throws those desires into your lap without any effort from you.

The greatest power you hold, is the power of being on your own and being capable enough to manage your life alone. Once you learn to enjoy life on your own then and only then can you learn who you are, what is important to you and brings you the greatest happiness and who will make the life you enjoy even better and be someone that will add to your happiness, and you can be that someone that adds to theirs.

I know, someday, I want to be that someone that shows someone just how happy they can be and how much they deserve in life. I want them to feel as if the day they found me, they found themselves feeling on top of the world and that they could never imagine living their life without me in it. I want to feel like that person completes me and makes my life feel whole again.

Until that day, I want to work on making myself the best me I can be and learn to do all the things that make me the happiest. I want to fulfill all of my dreams and enjoy every moment of the life I was given. I don’t want to waste a single minute of my time here on earth feeling sorry for myself. I don’t want to miss any opportunities to fill my life full of everything I want it. I want to live my life to the fullest and always find happiness and joy in the choices I make.

How strong am I? I am as strong as I want to be!! How strong are You?

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