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He Believes in Me and You

I can not express to you, what it means to know that God believes in me and believes that I still have an unfinished journey to fulfill. It means to me that God has a purpose for me with my time on this earth, and I believe my purpose is to inspire people to revisit their beliefs, and find within themselves, their meaning for being graced to live on this beautiful earth, and to go back to the Bible, and see how God truly intended us all to live within his creation.

You see as a child I grew up learning from and still adhere today, to the King James version of the Bible. The Bible has taught me that the good Lord intended for us all to love one another and it has provided to me and to all of you, the ever-faithful guidance of the ten commandments. A list of measures to live your life by provided by our gracious lord. These commandments are not to be taken lightly but to be treasured and taken to heart as the most honorable way to live your life by the lord.

Now I am in no way attempting to preach to you how you should believe or what faith to believe in, I am however reminding you that we have all lost our way in this world and I am certain, we have all broken a few of the commandments bestowed upon us. Nothing in life is easy, as I said before, it is not supposed to be, we lost that grace when Adam and Eve ate the apple and had forsaken the Lord.

I know we have in our lifetime questioned the Lord’s reasoning for the wrongs that are placed upon us, I myself recently, was beyond angry with the lord over the loss of my husband. I was hurt, filled with anguish, and felt extremely let down by the lord, of course this was all in the midst of my pain and uncontrollable emotions, but I suddenly realized God was not to blame.

We as humans make choices that are quite simply not God’s choice for us, and he can only then comfort us on our journey home with him. My husband lived a very full life, he stated that himself, many times, but he did not always make the best choices for his health and well-being, his choices led to an early death and a great heartbreak for his family and friends. I do not say this to blame him but to have wished better for him.

My point is we continue to make these poor choices in life in an effort to not only please others, but in searching for what we desire, while losing sight over what we already have and to go along with the crowds, to stand for something without really understanding what you are standing for, just for the ability to save face and say you were with those fighting the good fight, and in doing this we have slowly seen our world turn ugly, selfish, and downright putrid.

We should not have to fight against racism, but instead just behave like civil human beings and treat all races with the same equality and respect. We should not have to kill our unborn babies for the right to our strength as women and the power to protect our bodies. This act will not save us in any way, but merely disgraces us in the eyes of the lord. When we can not learn to cherish the sanctity of life that God has graciously given us, we do not deserve to carry on with our own life.

We should not have to say that it is ok to allow men to enter into the restrooms of our dear little girls just to please the masses of the ill-minded and sadly disturbed. We should never allow ourselves to be in fear of a pandemic or a government body, but instead we should know that the good lord is the only governance over when our time of death is near, and he is the only truth we should follow.

If all of our choices were made based on the guidance of the lord, we all could live a beautiful and simple life, one with grace and peace on this beautiful earth he has provided us.

I know for many of my loved ones, family, and friends, you share a like-minded philosophy on life and our world, and for all of you and those who may not, I only wish you the greatest of insight, forethought, open-mindedness, and the ability to let your heart guide you and not your need to be amongst the crowd of followers in hopes to save face for the moment.

My greatest hope in my lifetime is to inspire positive and meaningful change within people’s hearts and minds. If I am able to do this with the writings in a blog, a comment in a post or a shared thought in a conversation than I believe I will have truly lived out the journey God was expecting of me. May God continue to bless us all and guide us in restoring the beauty of our great world.

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