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Have Faith

We do not always see the positive side of things; God knows it is easier to see the negative. We may not like that the timing in our life may not be right and we must wait for the things we want out of this life to become reality for us. We may not understand why there is a perfect time that will make everything fall into place just the way we hoped, but with a little faith in our lives, we can walk through any storm and find the rainbow that is meant for us in the end.

It has not been an easy road for me this last year. I have felt the roller coaster ride where the wind is sucked out of you and your stomach seems to feel like it is falling right out of you, and you just can’t wait for the ride to come to an end. I have unfortunately seen a lot of heartache this year and a lot of loss and it breaks my heart to know that others are feeling similar pain and anguish in their lives. I pray daily that the lord reaches out and comforts them all.

I hate that my family and my children have had to experience such a traumatic moment in their lives and that they will always carry this loss with them. I hate that anyone has to feel such a burden in their lives.

We do not have to lose someone in our lives to feel heartache, sometimes we find ourselves going through troubling times and struggling through major changes in our lives that seem to disrupt the fault line in our world and the pain seems just as gut wrenching as a loss in our lives.

It is through all of the moments like these that we must have faith that the lord will see us through, and we will find our moment in life when all feels right, and everything we hoped for will begin to shine through.

At this moment in my life, it seems like I have lost everything, as if nothing could make it right and I will never see the end of the storm and find my rainbow. For me, my everyday is filled with music that see’s me through it all. I heard a song this morning that reminded me that I need to have faith not only in God, but in myself and in the ones I love.

Faith is not always so easy when you feel like you are swept up in a never-ending storm, you can’t see any light and it seems like all of the things that could bring you happiness are so far from your reach and never going to be a reality.

Have you ever had a feeling deep down in your soul that filled you so full that it was all you could think about? Have you ever seen a vision for your life that makes perfect sense and fills all the emptiness inside of you with joy and you just know that it is exactly the way your life is supposed to be, that it is your destiny, and your soul just can’t let it go until you reach it?

I have always been someone who leads my life by the gut feelings within me and the way my heart feels, and so far, I have never had either steer me wrong. I have always asked God to lead my way and he has never disappointed me.

So, I know the storm seems harsh right now and I know it feels like nothing will ever get better and like everyday is gloomy and meek, but I know with a little faith in our lives and the patience to wait for the timing to be just right, everything we are hoping for in this life will someday come to light and our rainbow will shine bright.

I have faith, I know time will be our friend and I believe that when our moment comes, we will have all the happiness we ever hoped for, so I will wait until then because nothing in this world feels more right.

Have faith throughout your storm my friends, because the battles are tough, the darkness is not fun, and nothing is more painful to you, but with faith, in time the lord will see you through.

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