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Happy Heavenly Valentines My Love

Hi Sweetheart, it’s me. You may not recognize me now. I have lost a great deal of weight and my face does not carry the same smile it once carried when you were here. Quite frankly, most days I don’t recognize me. It’s been a real whirlwind of crazy since you left us. I have made a few changes in my life and most recently I have learned a great lesson, one that you always tried to make me aware of when we were growing up together.

I miss you so much and our boys miss you dearly. If only you were still here, but you are not. It is almost Valentine’s Day a year after you passed, and I am remembering the flowers you would buy me with candy by its side and the beautiful card that told me how much you loved and appreciated me and how blessed you were to have me as your wife.

I am remembering the gentle kisses we would exchange after I received all of these things and how wonderfully warm, I would feel inside from your love.

I have been trying hard to do all of the things I know would make you proud and yet in some fashion I have failed. I promise you I will be stronger, and I will never let my guard down again. I will always do what is best not only for me but for our boys. You would be so proud of our boys; they are truly succeeding in their grownup lives and our youngest is growing into the finest of young men.

We have some incredible friends who check on all of us frequently and make sure we are all ok. I am so grateful to have them all and know how much they care. I know you are up there today celebrating my beautiful Grandma’s birthday and soon you will be celebrating your dads. Please give them both my love.

When we reach Valentine’s Day remember how much I love you babe and I hope you will be able to feel my love and the gentle kisses I blow your way. You will forever be my always and you will remain always in my heart.

I will continue to carry on and be the strong woman that always made you proud.

This world is a tough place to carry on in alone, but I would rather carry on alone than be with anyone who doesn’t match your strengths as a man, and I am beginning to see that will not be an easy man to find.

You will always be the greatest man I ever loved and my favorite Valentine.

I love you my Sweet boy!!

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