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God’s Warrior or the Governments Guinea pig?

What seems like the simplest answers are not always the right answers. For some the play by the rule’s adaptation is still the method they are accustomed to. The problem is that this method just doesn’t suffice in today’s world. We are shaming each other for our choices, and we are attacking each other for not succumbing to the governments scare tactics and the political and financial gains of the healthcare system and the evil demonic politicians who can only see greed and power in their blurred, distorted vision.

This is my America, this is your America, this is Our America. We pay the very politicians that are pinning us against each other and killing off our society as we speak. I am aware that we have always been asked to acquire certain vaccines, but it is now time for us to stand up and say no. It is time for us to fight back and become warriors against a crimewave that is destroying our world.

The political game that is occurring at this very moment is very serious and its intentions are to decrease our population and turn us into a controlled country.

A country that once had its men fighting on the battle fields for all of our freedoms is now being fed garbage on a daily basis and for some, you are willingly shoveling into your veins this pile of garbage, because you have been mindfully tricked into believing that you have something to fear.

Sadly, I have not only lost my faith in the political system, but I have lost my faith in the healthcare system, and I am doing all I can in my power not to lose my faith in the American people. Have we all forgotten that our hard earn money that gets shoveled into the system for taxes is lining these crooks’ pockets? Yet, you stand around with your heads down and your hands stuck in your pockets. You nod accordingly and stand in line and take the poison and then rush into the hospital when you don’t feel well and scream, “please test me. I think I have it!” like some kind of crazy people, so afraid that you are going to die.

I know this comes off as crass and I know some of you have lost family members to a virus that was the last straw against their already weak immune systems. You see this virus while intense and doing exactly what viruses do, causing a fever, a cough, some congestion, nausea, diarrhea, of course shortness of breath because you have congestion and lack of taste or smell, because your sinuses are stuffed, you see these symptoms are nothing different from any other virus, nothing different from the flu and yet you are in panic all of a sudden because people are dying from it. A great many were dying from the flu too, but none of us were panicking, we weren’t wearing masks and quarantining then.

We get word that this virus was brought in by another country and we freak out and think the worst.

Are we that gullible to not see that the swine flu and the bird flu also came in from other countries? Yet, we didn’t freak out then. Of course, we took caution and were concerned but we weren’t falling over the edge with fear.

People, the elderly can die from a virus because their immune systems are usually already weakened from age and other secondary causes. Overweight people typically already have breathing issues, heart problems and have a more difficult time fighting off infections because of their lack of nutrition and exercise alone and of course their poor diets and habits. So, yes, they can fall victim to a virus and suffer the worst.

Whether you believe me or not, I will tell you this, I am a nurse and I have not been vaccinated and I will not be vaccinated. I am not afraid because I know that God is the only entity that has control over my fate. I eat healthy, I exercise, and I breathe in fresh air every day.

The governments’ objective is to decrease the population for control of it and if you don’t see that, then you have blinders on or you are simply not willing to see it.

I don’t care who is in office in our government , they will not control my life and my choices and if you do not wish to hear my opinions on the topic, then do me and everyone else a solid and shut the hell up with your own opinions, because you will never convince me to lower my standards and weaken my backbone by going against my very beliefs and giving up my American rights and accepting anything into my veins or into my life that I just quite simply believe is dangerous and a method to increase their power and fulfill their greedy desires.

I am God’s warrior, and I will stand beside him and for him and fight with every fiber of my being to take our country back and hold onto my rights and my life and yours. I choose to only let God be in control of my life and I know he will never let me down or ever place me in any danger.

I would rather die standing for what I believe in than die succumbing to the governments fear tactics.

I am not a robot; I am not foolish, and I will never be a test dummy for anyone. I am a human- being, I am an American and I am a Warrior!!

I have already come to Jesus and asked for his salvation, and I live my life through him. I am a proud nurse, a proud mother and a proud woman who has not only chosen a profession to care for others, but I have chosen a life to stand for others and to be a source of encouragement and hope for others.

So, when you are preaching your hate speech for those of us who took a stance, ask yourself, what do you stand for? Because your free ride is up, and at the moment you still have the chance to choose if you want to hop on that train to a concentration camp, that hearse to a graveyard, or if you want to hop on God’s train and be a warrior for him and the beautiful world, he provided us!

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