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God’s gift

Can you see the sun? Smile at it

Can you feel the warmth from its rays? Absorb it

Can you see the trees? Admire them

Can you feel the breeze from their leaves? They are the reason you breathe, endure it

Can you see the blue waters? Be in awe of them

Can you feel the sweet coolness of their waves? Bathe in it and feel the cleansing of your soul.

Can you see the birds that surround you? Be inspired by them

Can you hear their sweet song? Sing it with them

Can you see the moon? Take it in, in all its majestic glow

Can you feel the peace it gives? Sleep under it and feel the blanket of safety and freedom we are provided.

Can you see God? Have faith in his existence

Can you see his creation? Stop and look around you

Can you feel all of his glory that surrounds you?

If you can't then you are missing the real meaning of living, if you can then be thankful and let God take your wheel.


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