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Finding the Perfect Path

Dear ……

Nothing in life ever makes sense. We are always walking through life trying to find the exact direction we are supposed to be headed and never certain we have ever really figured out which way that is.

We take the steps that seem to make the most sense, but those steps are not always the final ones that lead you all the way to the end of life. Sometimes God swoops in and changes the plan and places you on an alternate route, after seeing that life just wasn’t going to finish the way it should for you and perhaps you deserved a second chance to find another path, one that would reach you all the way to the finish line.

I don’t really know what all of the right answers are, or whether there is a true perfect person for everyone, but there was a time when I believed I had found the perfect person for me and It seemed I did, but reality says, while he may have been perfect for me then, he was never meant to be the perfect person I would have for the rest of my life, only for the rest of his.

All of the signs that have been making themselves known to me lately, say that the perfect person for me now, that could very well walk with me through the rest of life here on earth, has always been right in front of me. If the spirits of the angels are right, which I have yet to see them be wrong, then I know exactly who that perfect person is, and our paths have continued to keep connecting all our lives for this very reason.

This does not mean that this person knows that I am perfect for him or that our paths will every finally connect for good and find us walking the rest of life’s journey together, but what it does mean is that there is a perfect person for everyone and if you open your heart and let the angels guide you, you might just find them one day.

I hope for us, your heart someday feels what my heart already knows, and you come to know that I am your perfect person.

Until then I will continue to let the angels lead my way and pray that one day my wait will be over, and you will have found me walking the path you are meant to be on. If you find yourself searching and are uncertain of what the right direction is, While I can’t make your choice for you, remember you once said that there is a beauty that not only shines on the outside but also within, it is there where I believe the angels will shine their light and lead you to me if we are truly meant to be.

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