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Fielding Your Own Dreams

I want to feel the warmth of the sun upon my face each and every day, I want to smell the fresh fragrant breeze as it gently blows through my hair, I want to listen to the sweet song of the birds as they land around me and soar through the air with their beauty and grace. I want to feel my heart pounding as I stare into the eyes of the one, I love, I want to feel the peace in my soul knowing that I have found home and I want to be filled with happiness because I know I have reached my dreams and my life is complete.

Life is about living and feeling as if you have truly lived. The good Lord provides us the blessing of life and it is our job to create our own journey’s and make our lives what we want them to be. We must seek our dreams; we must plow through the fields and plant the seeds to make our dreams grow into reality. The greatest way to help our seeds flourish is through our faith in the lord and allowing him to take the reins and oversee our field of dreams.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to see the growth of our seeds through the darkness and we start to doubt that they will bloom and take hold into a fruitful result, but if we believe in them and have faith in the lord, if we have determination and dedication to the field we are tending, we can find ourselves completely surrounded in our field of dreams.

We might even be surprised to find that the seeds we are tending to are not where we are right now, but instead they may blow in another direction and find us somewhere altogether different one day.

The certainty is this, if while you are fielding your dreams, you find the sun shining over you and the skies are of the bluest blue, if you feel your heart beaming and your soul feels as if it is glowing within you, then you are making the right choices and the good lord will be there to make all of your dreams come true.

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